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At Altair, we believe the convergence of simulation, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will transform the world. And while this era of convergence is only beginning, today’s students will grow up in a world where it’ll be in full effect. We want to prepare teachers and students alike for this coming transformation. Altair and our academic partners are at the forefront of current and future technology, and with their assistance, we can give today’s students the tools and skills to become tomorrow’s innovators, groundbreakers, and world-shakers.


Educators receive access to a range of industry-leading technology, comprehensive teaching material, and full support. Our attractive pricing model rewards classroom teaching with unlimited flexibility and functionality.

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Students get free and quick access to the most comprehensive student edition package in the industry, ranging from simulation and multiphysics software, to data analytics and AI technology.

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Researchers get access to our comprehensive portfolio of powerful, efficient, and user-friendly software. In addition, they get training materials and round-the-clock technical support – all at the same level industry users receive.

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Academic Software Options

Altair® Inspire™ Personal Edition

The Inspire Personal Edition is entirely free, tailored for individuals seeking to leverage it for non-commercial, hobbyist, or personal use. It offers Inspire’s standard features suitable for personal projects, academic research, nonprofit organizations, or anyone interested in exploring their creativity using our comprehensive software.

Why should I use the Inspire Personal Edition?

  • Instant, frictionless access to Inspire – no need to download a bundle of products
  • Unparalleled simulation-driven design capabilities
  • Abundance of learning resources, including tutorials, training classes, example models via the Inspire Academic Hub
  • Renewable after 1 year
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Altair® AI Studio

Formerly RapidMiner Studio

New to data science but interested in applying it to your work? Or are you an experienced data scientist looking to become more efficient and more productive? You’re in luck – Altair AI Studio, formerly known as RapidMiner Studio, is for everyone. Use it for personal projects, academic research, or any non-commercial work to take your efforts to the next level – free of charge.

Why should I use the Altair AI Studio Personal Edition?

  • Instant, frictionless access to Altair AI Studio – no need to download a bundle of products 
  • Access to the RapidMiner Academy and RapidMiner Community
  • All learning content at your fingertips in the Altair AI Studio Learning Hub
  • Can be used indefinitely – no renewal needed
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Student Edition Bundle

Altair’s free Student Edition is your all-access pass to the industry’s most comprehensive set of CAE, simulation, and data science tools.

Why should I use the Student Edition Bundle?

  • Free, instant access to more than 50 Altair products
  • Nearly limitless access to all software features
  • Extensive 3D, 1D, and 0D modeling and simulation capabilities
  • Access to the Altair Knowledge Base and Academic Support Forum
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Academic Edition Bundle

Altair's Academic Edition is tailored for educators and academic researchers, giving you access to our full, industry-grade tools for your use in teaching and publishing research, ensuring you’re always equipped with the market’s latest and greatest technologies.

Why should I use the Academic Edition Bundle?

  • Industrial-grade access to over 100 Altair and partner tools for educators and their students
  • Vast array of engineering simulation and data science capabilities
  • Centralized software access through our units-based licensing system
  • Cloud-managed licenses for easy, limitless access on university-owned computers
  • 1-on-1 support from Altair's global technical support team
  • Heavily discounted pricing guaranteed to fit any budget
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