General-purpose Metal Forming Simulator

AFDEX (Advisor for metal Forming process and Design Expert) can predict forming loads to assist in selecting appropriate presses and also to develop and optimize the metal forming processes. For example, costly process design tryouts can be completely removed by drastically reducing the development time and cost as well as enhancing the product quality in terms of metal flow lines (grain flow, fiber flow) and increased life spans. These predictions also prolong die life and thus increased productivity will give the user and company a great return on investment.


Minimal User Interface

Multiple stages are common in metal forming processes. AFDEX makes it easier to automate multi-stage process simulation with minimal user intervention.

Ease of Use

Extremely easy to get started, thanks to an intuitive workflow. Highly efficient for metal forming process design optimization.

Automatic and Adaptive Meshing

The mesh generation is fully automated and adaptive. AFDEX automatically refines the mesh in large-deformation zones.

Key Features

Prediction Accuracy

Simulation technology is an integral part of forging process design. So, prediction accuracy has been a key strength and industrial users know that.

Intelligent Meshing

AFDEX employs a fully automated and adaptive remeshing algorithm to minimize solution inaccuracies and get results within a reasonable computational time.

Metal Flow Line Visualization

Metal flow lines can be visualized at any time instant and cross section without prior definition. You can also quantify metal flow lines and optimize process.

Automation of Multistage Forging

Multistage forging processes can be simulated automatically with ease. This saves a lot of time. Computational time as well as the simulation setup time.

User Friendly

AFDEX is known for its user friendliness and ease of use. Its amazingly easy to get started and running. You can focus your energies on actual problem solving.

Interface with Altair® HyperStudy®

AFDEX can be coupled with industry standard solver HyperStudy to carry out process design optimization. You can be sure that your process design is the best.