CellMod™ by Sendyne®

Virtual Battery Software

Based on a first order electrochemical model, CellMod is packaged as a functional mockup unit (FMU), allowing it to be easily integrated into most major simulation packages, such as Altair Activate®, via the open industry standard functional mockup interface (FMI). CellMod FMU accepts as input current, ambient temperature, and time-step and will output voltage, cell internal temperature, state of charge (SOC), and any other cell internal state variable.

Unlike simple equivalent circuit (EC) models often used today, CellMod FMU takes into account physical processes happening inside the cells, such diffusion in solids, diffusion in electrolytic solution, reaction kinetics, charge transport, heat transport, and more. As a result, CellMod can predict future battery cell behavior with a high degree of accuracy.

The default battery model for CellMod is the Panasonic 18650A. This version may be used as a stand to represent a generic Li-ion battery, providing better accuracy that what can be offered by a simple equivalent circuit model. For design teams requiring a high level of accuracy (~97% or accuracy to the level of statistical variation), cell-specific versions to represent any type of Li-ion cells – from NMC and LMO to LFP and NCA, and all iterations of these cells – can be quickly developed using easy to perform experiments. No special knowledge of the cell is required.

Why CellMod?

Pack Sizing

With BasicPackMod, CellMod’s companion FMU, pack sizing can be easily effected.

Energy and Power Control Function Development

CellMod FMU interfaces through FMI to any FMI enabled simulation platform to provide the essential inputs for evaluating performance and developing power and thermal management functions.

Hardware- and Software-in-the-Loop

CellMod FMU Virtual Battery provides more realistic battery inputs to software- and hardware-in-the-loop applications.

Key Features

Pack Thermal Simulation

CellMod FMU Virtual Battery interfaces with CFD software for pack thermal design. It also provides a real-time pack power, energy, and thermal simulation for cooling control development.

Cell Selection and Accelerated Testing

The accuracy of CellMod FMU enables accelerated cell testing and selection by comparing FMUs optimized for individual cells in various load and environmental conditions.

Online Battery Prediction

The speed, small code size, and memory management features of CellMod FMU enable its utilization in embedded applications.