Connected Product Enablement

A good solution is a result of applying the best tools and using good domain knowledge to address real life business challenges. Altair is the only company with the most comprehensive tool set covering ideation, design, engineering, optimization, connection, operation, and analysis. Add to that Altair’s over three decades of product development experience and you have your ideal partner in your endeavor to build smarter products. We are partners in your digital transformation.

Focus on the Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) projects, and by extension connected products, need a pragmatic vision to create a solution where different technologies converge to deliver value, based on customer centricity and an open architecture. Altair proposes use of the right technology towards a right objective to deliver a sustainable, scalable solution.

Unique Technology Mix

Altair’s unique software and skills offering provides a comprehensive technology spread spanning design and engineering, advanced analytics, and IoT. And the best part is that you can apply these with your existing legacy or incumbent systems – seamlessly – thanks to Altair’s leading open architecture philosophy.

Embrace the Future Challenges

Build it to last. From ideation to operation, your smart products need to be designed to adapt to the everchanging markets needs. Design them for a long term sustainable, scalable, business model. Altair technology and experience in product development is at your service.

Productivity, Performance, and Efficiency

Any process and product is designed for deriving maximum value throughout its life. During the development, testing or operations phase - efficiency, awareness, and productivity are key performance indicators for current or next gen products. Combining data from different sources along with advanced analytics and CAE can bring unprecedented insights that lead to performance enhancement, predictive maintenance, and optimization. Altair can help you with productivity gains, as well as improved performance and efficiency.

Safety and Compliance

Critical assets in complex environments are always subject to strong controls and supervision, which in some cases can be very demanding and cost intensive. Real time information can therefore enable internal and external audits resulting in risk mitigation related to both assets and processes, as well as ensure regulatory compliance. This has a direct bearing on operational costs, and the benefits that optimization can get therein. Altair, with its years of expertise and the right set of tools, can partner with you on this.

Data-driven Product Innovation

Designing an innovative or disruptive product is challenging. Next generation design requires the right mix of features to add, delivering a compelling user experience, all while maintaining costs. It can take time, money, and multiple iterations to arrive at that optimal balance. Getting operational data on how the product is currently used, where and under what circumstances it fails, as well as understanding user preferences are the invaluable insights that allow you to leapfrog the competition. If innovation or co-creation is in your agenda, contact us.

Enabling Sales Growth

Creating a smart product or connected project helps transcend traditional product boundaries by adding newer capabilities. Services can now be enabled by leveraging connectivity towards new recurring revenue models based on access to data, features, or upgrades. In a service oriented society, are you thinking of your next product being just a means to the service, replacing CAPEX with OPEX at your customers? Altair can help you.

Customer Centricity

Real innovation is all about creating unique value. It doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on B2B or B2B2C or B2C, in the end your customers are willing to invest in what really solves their toughest challenges, improves their revenue, and/or creates an outstanding experience leading to customer retention. “Why?” is the key question that puts the customer in the center of all the efforts. If you want to understand your customers from real operational data, allow free customizations, and improve their user experience, talk to us.

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