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Whether you’re a design engineer who needs to quickly understand fluid or thermal effects on a design proposal or an analyst performing advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and verification, Altair offers a comprehensive line of tools that helps you achieve your goals. From initial “what-if” studies to detailed component analysis and full systems performance, Altair® HyperWorks®, our design and simulation platform, provides a range of scalable solvers as well as robust pre- and post-processing software under Altair CFD™.

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General-purpose CFD

Looking to get into CFD? Altair’s voxel mesh solver and finite-volume method provides an introductory CFD toolbox and workflow in Altair® Inspire™ for fast answers in “what-if” studies.

Need to dive deeper? Altair CFD’s Navier-Stokes solver offers a full range of flow, heat transfer, turbulence, and non-Newtonian material analysis capabilities in a high-quality, streamlined workflow – regardless of the mesh elements’ quality and topology.

Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics

Altair CFD’s Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) solver enables ultra-fast prediction of the aerodynamic properties of passenger cars, light trucks, race cars, and heavy-duty vehicles. Its cutting-edge technology is optimized for energy and cost-efficient GPU-based computing to deliver unbeatable performance and to allow for overnight simulations of even the most complex models on a single server. This revolutionary technology also allows for direct calculation of aeroacoustics from rotating machinery such as cooling fans, e-motors and renewables.

Particle-based Fluid Dynamics

Altair CFD’s smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) solver is used to predict fluid flow around complex geometries under complicated motion. This method has significant benefits when looking at any free surface (liquid/air) flows in terms of both time and accuracy.

Altair® Material Data Center™, a high-fidelity material database for simulation

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Discrete Element Modeling

Altair® EDEM™ is a discrete element method (DEM) software that accurately simulates and analyzes the behavior of granular materials such as coal, mined ores, fibers, grains, tablets, and powders. Using CFD coupled with EDEM enable engineers to realistically simulate the interaction between fluid and particles and to investigate a range of complex systems such as fluidized beds, solid-liquid mixing, spray coating, filtration, and drying.

Thermo-fluid Systems

Altair® FlowSimulator™ is an integrated flow, heat transfer, and combustion design software that enables mixed fidelity simulations to optimize machine and systems design. Applicable to turbomachinery, automotive, and energy industries, FlowSimulator was originally developed as the unified fluid system design tool for engine thermal, combustion, lubrication, and fuel system design. It is rooted in decades of practical usage and experience, with aerospace-quality level validation and verification.

Electronics Cooling

Altair® SimLab® is a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment to accurately analyze the performance of complex assemblies. SimLab includes a range of highly automated workflows enabling the electronics industry to confidently identify and correct potential design issues earlier in development with thermal analysis that does not require advanced CFD knowledge. This includes the capability to simulate challenging electronics cooling and other electronic design automation (EDA) thermal management applications

Altair Partner Alliance (APA) Solutions for Fluids and Thermal

Further augment Altair’s complete line of tools with fluids and thermal solutions available through the APA. The APA's fluid and thermal solutions help you better understand thermal fluid structure interaction.

  • TAITherm by ThermoAnalytics creates transient thermal predictions for your design.
  • AVL FIRE™ M, supports the development of both conventional and electrified powertrains enabling you to efficiently solve complex flow problems in a variety of applications and industries.
  • DSHplus by Fluidon empowers you to conduct dynamic non-linear calculations of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components.

These tools and more available are available through your Altair Units license.

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