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Data Transformation

Download a free trial of Altair® Monarch®, the industry's fastest and easiest way to access, clean, and blend data for better decision making.

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Altair® SimSolid™ is game-changing simulation technology for designers, design engineers, and simulation analysts.

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HPC and Cloud

Altair focuses on HPC technology so that our clients can work on what really matters - solving real-world problems and developing scientific insights.

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Altair® RapidMiner® – Frictionless AI for Everyone

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Altair One™

Altair One provides access to free trials for a broad range of Altair design, modeling, visualization, physics simulation, data analytics and high-performance computing software. Browse the marketplace and launch free trials of your favorite tools today.

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Altair Data Analytics

Download a free trial of Monarch, as well as learn more self-service analytics solutions for data preparation, predictive modeling, stream processing, visualization, and more.

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IoT Applications

Build scalable apps, fast. Enable digital twins. Create industry-shaking smart products.

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Altair® Unlimited™

The Altair Unlimited virtual appliance is a state-of-the-art public cloud CAE solution with fully configured hardware and software.

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Altair SAO

With Altair® Software Asset Optimization (SAO), you can easily view how your licenses are being used, by specific teams and at a global scale.

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University Software

Students and educators can access Altair's comprehensive simulation platform for free.

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Altair Startup Program

We understand that turning dreams into reality takes a little help, which is why we’ve created the Altair Startup Program.

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