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Below is the collection of presentations from the Future.HPC 2022 virtual experience.

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Featured Presentations

Altair HPC: Scaling for the Future
- James R. Scapa | Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Altair
- Joe Sorovetz | SVP Enterprise Solutions, Altair

Harnessing the Great Acceleration
- Greg Williams | Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine

Three Trends Shaping the Future of HPC
- Dr. Bill Magro | Chief Technologist, High-Performance Computing, Google

Building the Future of HPC Workload Management at ANL
- William Allcock | Manager, ALCF Advanced Integration Group, Argonne National Laboratory

High-performance Computing: Decades of Technological Advancement Give Drastically New Meaning to “HPC"
- Dr. Bill Nitzberg | Chief Engineer - HPC, Altair
- Fritz Ferstl | SVP Software Development, Altair
- Stuart Taylor | Director Software Development, Altair

A Cloud for Every Workload: Which Model is Right for You?​
- Rick Watkins | Senior Director Cloud Computing, Altair

3M: Accelerating Cloud Adoption for HPC Workloads with Altair PBS Professional and Altair Control
- Gabe Turner | HPC Solutions Architect, 3M


Vertical Roundtables

Accelerating Breakthrough Timelines in Life Sciences
HPC experts discuss how they provide scientists with cost-effective compute at the scale required to support life sciences workloads, minimizing disruption to end users while managing some of the world’s most critical datasets in the cloud.

HPC in Weather and Climate
Weather and climate centers worldwide rely on the power of HPC to track, analyze, simulate and predict the behavior of weather systems, climate patterns and other atmospheric phenomena. In this roundtable, experts from leading weather and climate centers across the globe detail how they harness HPC to fuel this critically important research.

Measuring Success in Semiconductor Design Optimization, What Metrics Matter?
There are few fields in the world as competitive as semiconductor design exploration and verification. Experts discuss the license-, job-, compute- and host-based metrics that the world’s leading semiconductor companies measure and tune for, highlighting the optimization strategies that edge out the competition and drive up profitability. ​


Cloud Sessions

Turbocharge Engineering Productivity, No IT Expertise Required
HPC and cloud accessibility make it possible to scale exploration exponentially, but the key to breakthrough results is ensuring time spent interfacing with IT doesn’t scale accordingly. See how the most competitive teams access their software, their data, and powerful HPC resources to turbocharge productivity from anywhere in the world.

Cloud for HPC Pros: Expand HPC Infrastructure On-demand with Cost-effective, Multi-cloud Scaling
Beyond empowering your team with flexible compute resources to scale productivity, cloud bursting technology provides opportunities that make real impact on the metrics that matter most to your organization. See how to manage, optimize and forecast compute resources, bursting to and between your on-prem resources and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Partner Sessions

Powering New Possibilities in the Cloud
- Binay Ackalloor | Director, HPC/AI Cloud, Intel

Learn how Intel collaborates with Public and Private Cloud Service Providers to optimize HPC workloads for fast, cost-effective execution on Intel-based Cloud Instances.

High Performance Computing on Google Cloud
- Wyatt Gorman | HPC Solutions Manager, Google

Shortening Time to Solution with AcuSolve on Azure’s New HBv3 Offering
- Jon Shelley | AI/HPC Benchmarking Manger, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft
- Michael Barton | Manager, AcuSolve Program Management, Altair

We investigate how the Azure HBv3 offering, with increased memory bandwidth and L3 cache, can drastically reduce time to solution for AcuSolve at scale.

Innovation is a Partnership
- Kumaran Siva | Corporate VP, Business Development, Server Software & Systems, AMD

Keeping pace with the growth of tools and technologies for the digital world is daunting yet crucial to success of the innovator. Hear why technology partnerships must extend all the way to the innovators themselves.

HPC at Punch Torino: A Partnership Story with Altair
- Mauro Bighi | CIO, Punch Group

Hear how Punch Torino and Altair’s HPC and cloud strategists set up their engineers to boost productivity with intuitive HPC access portals, flexibility and scalability to test new ideas faster, all while maintaining a secure, robust IT infrastructure for the long-haul.

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