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About Altair Industrial Design

At Altair Industrial Design, we’re passionate about transforming challenges into innovation—about answering tough questions, not with limitations, but with fresh perspectives that create new possibilities.

As an agile team that sits within Altair’s heritage of engineering excellence, we’re able to bring an unparalleled combination of design expertise, practical experience, and the best product development technology in the business to every challenge. Our human-centered design practice is uniquely focused on revealing and surpassing the most important, yet often unspoken, end user needs and desires.

Our unique approach, our track record of bold innovation, and our industry-defining computational intelligence tools mean that no matter what your design question is, the right answer, our answer, is never no.


Our Capabilities

Altair handles every step of the product lifecycle — from exploratory research and industrial design to product engineering and tailored post-production solutions.

With our proven human-centered approach, we help customers innovate by delivering meaningful and unique experiences. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next product challenge.

Our Design Offering


Research & Strategy


Industrial Design


Product Engineering


Startup Program


Research and Strategy

  • User and Market research
  • Design Strategy & product roadmaps
  • Testing and validation
  • Customized immersion sessions
  • User experience design
  • IoT / connected product strategy

Industrial Design

  • Concept development and refinement
  • Product Aesthetics
  • Visual language / Design guideline development
  • Human factors
  • Color, materials, finish (CMF)
  • Packaging design
  • Service design

Product Engineering

  • Design optimization
  • CAD modeling A/B Surface development
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Product simulation
  • Functional prototyping & proof of concept
  • PCB/electronics development

Startup Program

*For qualified startup program applicants.

  • Personalized consultation hours
  • Direct connection to service team experts
  • Business model review
  • Design 101 for startups
  • Product strategy

Our Work

Toggled iQ

A ground-up design and product strategy for the growing LED lighting company Toggled. The iQ system combines hardware, software, and data to enable optimized use and energy savings.

Espire Elbow

College Park set out to break new ground in the upper limb prosthetic market. Our team developed an award-winning device that positions them as a leading innovator in the industry.


USAF Extrication Tool

Award-winning extrication tool for the United States Air Force that aids rescue teams in cutting, lifting, and spreading during search and rescue missions. This portable tool provides manual power and mobility for rescue situations in remote locations.

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