Digitalized Road Data to Enhance Vehicle Performance Simulation

ISVPG gives Altair® MotionSolve® users, a virtual representation of the physical proving grounds at IDIADA’s headquarters located in Spain, which recreate and simulate road conditions and are compatible with any tire model.

The data is single source of information to help engineers to simulate or use the road/track information for multiple virtual activities. Some of the 13 different simulated tracks and road conditions include General Road, Dry Handling, Wet Handling, and Fatigue Tracks, which all simulate different conditions and aspects of tire and vehicle performance in diverse conditions.

In addition to the tracks, MotionSolve enhances the development of components, control systems, and full vehicles, and saves manufacturers time and costs associated with real-life physical testing and track sessions. The software can also help manufacturers hone vehicles’ durability, comfort, and other performances.


Enhances Virtual Development Potential

ISVPG enhances the virtual development of components, control systems, and full vehicles.

Saves On-Road/Test Track Costs and Time

ISVPG saves users time and money that would otherwise be spent on costly, time-intensive physical testing.

Solves Problems Early in Development

Helps users address and meet project demands in terms of comfort, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), structure durability, control systems, and driver models.

Key Features

Virtual Development and Validation

ISVPG offers new virtual scenarios that address handling, comfort, and durability simulations.

IDIADA’s PG Surfaces in High Resolution

ISVPG supports development thanks to its high-resolution scans of IDIADA’s main Proving Ground surfaces.

High Multibody Model Correlation

ISVPG accurately reproduces real road inputs within simulation software, ensuring physical road/track testing correlates to simulated data.