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Altair® Material Data Center™

Leverage Altair’s material engineering, data consolidation, analytics, and simulation expertise using the latest database technologies. Altair® Material Data Center™ provides a comprehensive ecosystem for managing the entire life cycle of proprietary material data and related information. Additionally, a large set of high-quality reference data with full traceability back to the source is readily available to provide the right information where needed.

The development of sustainable, efficient, lightweight designs requires accurate multi-domain material properties. Material Data Center’s unique focus on enabling material data for simulation provides designers, engineers, and scientists with ready-to-use material solver cards through a standalone application or the interface of their simulation and optimization tools.

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Enterprise-Wide Material Intelligence from One Source of Truth

Material Data Center enables organizations to consolidate their proprietary data within a secure enterprise workspace. A common materials database with role-based access control provides one source of truth for the entire enterprise. This ensures instant access to approved, revision-controlled material data developed with consistent numerical models. Access data sheets, raw data, and solver cards with full traceability back to the supplier source, ensuring valid assumptions and consistency across teams.

Altair material solutions supplement physical test data with properties and material models developed using Altair Material Modeler and Altair® Multiscale Designer®. Moreover, Altair® RapidMiner® empowers users to harness existing material data through its advanced machine learning technology to generate synthetic material models and unlock new insights in the process. Additionally, Material Data Center can connect to third-party and customer applications through its APIs.

Altair announces material collaboration with HP Inc.

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Embrace New Materials, Control Risks, and Reduce Costs

Using supplier-specific data means users can determine supplier selection earlier, streamlining purchasing, production planning, and supply chain management. Achieve better products and faster development with multi-domain material properties direct from the material supplier for use from early concept design and manufacturing simulation to final validation.

Material Data Center enables access to material offerings from multiple suppliers for procurement planning and is a scalable cloud solution that meets the needs of any product development team.

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Material Data That’s Secure, Current, and Available

Material Data Center offers ready-to-use engineering material data built on validated test results with secure sharing of updates with product development customers. Users can access a common database of structural, fatigue, fluid/thermal, and electromagnetic properties, including manufacturing process-specific data. Customers use only validated and approved material data with revision control, which allows new materials and properties to be distributed efficiently through Material Data Center’s cloud infrastructure.

Containing the most comprehensive, high-fidelity plastics database on the market – developed by M-Base – Material Data Center is a testament to Altair's significant investment in material modeling.

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Partner Spotlight: CAMPUS® - The Plastics Database

Altair is the official software supplier for the Computer Aided Material Preselection by Uniform Standards (CAMPUS®), a consortium of world-leading plastics manufacturers and the world's most comprehensive and successful plastics material database. The CAMPUS database exclusively offers truly comparable material data measured according to binding international standards. Our partnership ensures that this level of excellence, expert know-how, and integrity of CAMPUS material data can also be exclusively found in Material Data Center.

CAMPUS is a registered trademark of Chemie Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (CWFG), Frankfurt/Main.

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Be Part of the Best-in-Class Material Source for CAE Engineers

Altair knows simulation and optimization and offers expertise that underlies the data preparation and validation of material data uniquely tailored to the CAE community. Material Data Center will expose your products to simulation-driven design users and beyond while material data can be encrypted to protect proprietary information.

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