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Bringing Enhanced Accuracy to Finite Element Simulations, PolymerFEM Joins the APA

Enabling customers to perform more accurate finite element simulations of products made from rubbers, plastics, adhesives, and biomaterials, PolymerFEM is the latest company to join the Altair Partner Alliance (APA).

Originally starting as a spin-off venture from Veryst Engineering, PolymerFEM is a highly specialized niche company focused on proving the best materials models that can be used in finite element (FE) simulations. As a member of the APA, Altair customers now have access to two incredible products from PolymerFEM: MCalibration® and PolyUMod®

MCalibration enables engineers to quickly calibrate both PolyUMod material models and the Altair Radioss™ Bergstrom-Boyce model to experimental data. Recently, Radioss introduced Bergstrom-Boyce model as a built-in feature, and this now allows use of this advanced model. MCalibration uses powerful nonlinear search algorithms to quickly find the best material parameters for experimental test data. This tool can help match material models to a complex set of test data over a wide range of experimental conditions.

Select and calibrate advanced, nonlinear material models for FE simulation with MCalibration

In addition to the benefits of MCalibration, Radioss users can utilize the PolyUMod library to more accurately predict the response of polymer components. Commercial FE codes still lack the material models needed to accurately simulate many types of materials. With PolyUMod, users have access to material models that cover virtually all polymer systems including, thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, foams, filled plastics, and biomaterials. 

With customers in industries like consumer electronics, sports equipment, raw material manufacturing, and automotive, PolymerFEM’s products provide valuable insight into projects involving rubbers, plastics, or adhesives.

With PolyUMod, engineers can accurately predict the behavior of polymer components.

“We are thrilled to join the Altair Partner Alliance so we can provide our incredible products to more customers,” said Dr. Jorgen Bergstrom, founder and principal of PolymerFEM. “Our software products will enable Altair customers to perform more accurate finite element simulations.”

To learn more about PolymerFEM, register to attend this webinar.