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TANIQ Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair is excited to welcome TANIQ to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), where it will offer Altair customers its TaniqWind Design software, a filament winding solution for composite product design. TANIQ was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and specializes in helping customers optimize product designs and automate production processes; the company focuses mainly on the rubber industry, and utilizes its past experience within the aerospace industry to perfect its technology. Additionally, TANIQ specializes in mandrel-built products like dredge hoses, expansion joints, inflatable packers, and other parts that can be difficult to automate because of their small volumes and part variety. TANIQ works with manufacturers in Europe, the U.S., and Australia.

Through the APA, Altair customers can access TaniqWind Design, which will help users design and manufacture composite parts like pipes and pressure vessels. TaniqWind Design is the first software of its kind available through the APA and bolsters Altair’s rubber and composite part design offerings. Additionally, TaniqWind Design lets users interface directly with Altair HyperWorks, thus giving users the power to export designs made in TaniqWind Design to HyperWorks so users can conduct finite element analysis (FEA). With TaniqWind Design, Altair users gain access to:

  • Direct data exchange with Altair HyperWorks
  • Build-up calculation and prediction functionalities for fibers and tapes
  • Advanced path winding generation capabilities
  • Continuous mandrel profile description capabilities

TaniqWind Design provides a logical, user-friendly workflow in a recognizable CAD environment, which will allow engineers to work intuitively with the software so they can create basic designs without specialized training. The software also gives more experienced users the power to create more robust, complex designs with its advanced functionalities and features. In all, TaniqWind Design gives Altair users access to technology that fills a gap in the current APA software lineup so they can create more efficient designs faster than ever before.

“We are excited to offer TaniqWind Design through the APA, and believe our software gives Altair users a comprehensive software solution for their rubber and composite design and optimization needs,” said Coen ten Herkel, technical director, TANIQ. “Through TaniqWind Design, Altair customers will get a software that makes it easy to simulate and maximize their rubber and composite design workflows so they can build better products.”

To learn more about TANIQ and TaniqWind Design, register for their introductory webinar.