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Think Big, Think Small, Act Rationally

Cloud business intelligence (BI) has reached a state of acceptance and even nonchalance in some corners. The biggest perceived benefit remains cost, and the biggest perceived barriers remain security and control. Although many tradeoffs are involved, over time, much uncertainty and consternation were removed from the decision process. How can organizations and industry leaders continue to expand and utilize cloud BI effectively? Find out in this latest report from Dresner Advisory Services. 

Executive Summary

  1. Cloud BI crossed a threshold of credibility, with an all-time high of 55% of respondents considering it either critical or very important.
  2. Although the highest perceptions of cloud BI importance scale linearly with success rates for BI initiatives, using cloud BI and holding it in high regard does not guarantee you a successful BI initiative.
  3. The 2021 decrease in cloud BI use likely reflects impacts related to COVID-19.
  4. Expressed sentiments show greater preference for private-cloud BI deployment, but spending levels indicate greater interest in public-cloud BI.
  5. Concentrated, balanced sentiments indicate that organizations want and need significant flexibility in how they license cloud BI.
  6. Across every feature, vendors express much higher levels of interest and support for cloud deployment of features vs. traditional on-premises deployment.

You can read and download the full report, “Cloud BI: Think Big, Think Small, Act Rationally” here.

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