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Why Team-Oriented Data Prep is Key to Your Marketing Intelligence Strategy

The roles and responsibilities of marketers have evolved dramatically in the past decade. It is no longer acceptable to launch and promote products and services through various channels without accountability and demonstrable results. Today’s marketer must employ a sound data intelligence strategy that fuels robust operational reporting and marketing analytics.
To get there, marketing professionals are increasingly turning to team-oriented advanced data preparation and analytics solutions that clean, transform and combine data into comprehensive, trusted reports and dashboards for data-driven marketing measurement and decision-making that positively impact revenue generation.
At SiriusDecisions 2018 Summit this week, Kory Himmer, senior manager of marketing operations at BitSight Technologies, demonstrated how he powers marketing operations with Altair Monarch to derive valuable and trustworthy insights from internal data and build greater alignment between sales and marketing teams.
“Once the decision was made to invest in a reporting and analytics platform, we had several requirements. Most importantly, the solution had to easily, and with minimal IT support, bring our data together in an efficient manner to enable more sophisticated analysis,” Himmer said. “With Altair Monarch, we normalized our datasets and consolidated multiple sources into a single report which allows for greater insight into marketing operations and ties our results to the company’s bottom line.” For more, check out Kory’s full presentation at the bottom of the page.
The Altair Monarch platform offers collaborative team analytics and governed data preparation that fuel marketing analytics. The solution simplifies and automates data access and preparation processing, allowing even novice businesses to rapidly extract, manipulate, enrich and combine disparate marketing data and then prepare it for analysis and dashboard reporting.
  • Works with any marketing data – Marketing analysts can easily unlock data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, NetSuite, other CRM and marketing automation systems, webpages and PDFs resulting in time savings and fewer manual errors.
  • Provides a single source of truth – With data managed and governed in a centralized data marketplace, marketing team members can enrich reports with curated datasets as well as automate and schedule reports that have full data preparation lineage. The comprehensive governance structure builds greater trust in data and analytical outcomes.
  • Enables collaborative analytics – Team members leverage machine-learning features that suggest dataset and data model recommendations based on their colleague’s usage. These smart recommendations and analytical guidelines coordinate the sharing and reuse of reports across departments for efficient data usage.
Using a team-driven data preparation and analytics model, marketing departments can create a data intelligence strategy that serves up a complete holistic view. This provides immediate insight into how demand generation campaigns, customer retention efforts and messaging are resonating with customers, allowing for intelligent decisions that lead to measurable results.
To learn more about how data preparation fuels marketing analytics,