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WEYV Announces Partnership with Bonnier Corporation, Expands In-App Magazine Options

April 23, 2018 — 
WEYV, an app platform with music, magazines and more all in one app experience, today announced its partnership with Bonnier Corp., one of the largest special interest-publishing groups in America.

Through this partnership, WEYV will now offer 17 new magazines in the app, including Boating, Cruising World, Cycle World, Field & Stream, Flying, Hot Bike, Marlin, Motorcyclist, Outdoor Life, Popular Science, Sailing World, Salt Water Sportsman, Saveur, Scuba Diving, Sport Fishing, Working Mother and Yachting.

The inclusion of these special-interest titles is in direct response to WEYV users seeking additional magazine options.

“As a start-up, it is critical that we listen to the requests from our customers. While WEYV already offered a healthy mix of lifestyle, trade and business magazines in the app, it was clear there was a need for additional content focused on specific interests,” said Stephanie Scapa, CEO of WEYV. “Partnering with Bonnier Corp., one of the leading special-interest publishers in the country, was an obvious and natural next step to diversify the content we offer to our users.”

WEYV is available as an ad-free, subscription-based app that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and (soon) watch visual content. WEYV is available on iOS and Android devices and via a web player for U.S.-based users.

“Consumers today are devouring media on many platforms and partnering with WEYV nicely compliments our efforts to be where our readers are,” said Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Bonnier Corp. “A strategy to engage consumers in a digital environment is key and we look forward to furthering our readership with WEYV.”

More content – including music, magazines, podcasts and videos – will be added to WEYV on a rolling basis.

WEYV is available for a 14-day free trial and can be accessed via the App Store, Google Play and the WEYV website.

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