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Simulate and verify your PCB designs in a single environment

PollEx isn't just a printed circuit board (PCB) verification tool, it's a solution that accelerates the development of today’s smart, connected, and tightly packaged electronic products. Industry leaders from around the world choose PollEx because it improve efficiency, maximizes performance, streamlines teamwork and collaboration, and helps you get the most from your work.

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Altair® PollEx™

Accelerating Electronic Systems Development from Design to Manufacturing

What benefits do you get when you upgrade to the full version of Altair PollEx?

  • Full access to DFE and DFM PCB design verification rule checks
  • Complete Design for Assembly (DFA) design verification rule checks
  • Power Integrity (PI) simulation, including DC IR-Drop, PDN, Decoupling Cap optimization
  • Full access to all Signal Integrity pre/post layout simulation capabilities (DDRx, Crosstalk, TDR..etc.)
  • Advanced thermal analysis, including Joule heating, heat sink inclusion, and more

Why PollEx?

Seamlessly integrated with Altium Designer, PollEx for Altium offers users free access to a variety of PCB design verification and simulation capabilities, including a subset of the Design rule checking for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Electrical (DFE), Signal Integrity (SI) simulation, and fundamental thermal analysis. Try the full version for free and get access to:

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Integration with Existing Tools

Open ECAD environment including: ODB++, IPC 2581, Gerber, Altium, Cadence, CADVANE, EAGLE, Mentor Xpedition/PADS, Zuken, and CAM350.

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Unified Part Library

Improves collaboration throughout the product development process by maintaining physical, logical, thermal, electrical, and assembly attribute data in one place.

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Early Design Simulation

Provides checks for signal integrity, power integrity, EMI vulnerability and ESD protection, verifying return path routing, balanced differential pairs, and other criteria.

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Detailed Performance Analysis

Helps you meet today’s tightly packaged electronic device performance and usability targets by giving you the power to export data to engineering tools – regardless of disciplines.

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Manufacturing Support

Increases the efficiency of PCB fabrication, assembly, and end-of-line testing, and can export fabricating, mounting, paneling, and testing data directly to production line machinery.

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Knowledge Base

The Altair Community site provides access to our extensive product knowledge base, including Altair PollEx and PollEx for Altium tutorials. Click here to view our PollEx for Altium knowledge base.

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