With S-FOUNDATION, users can analyze and design deep and shallow foundations in an adaptable, intuitive, and automated foundation management solution. S-FOUNDATION’s flexibility allows for virtually any foundation layout and automatically manages the underlying finite element model as you design and optimize. Analyze foundations using linear or nonlinear analysis, and check for geotechnical and structural design code compliance.

Easy-to-Use Versatility

Regardless of drawing or model shape and size, users can model virtually any mat foundation quickly and easily with S-FOUNDATION. Analyze and design isolated footings, combined footings, continuous footings, wall footings, strap footings, and mat foundations; these foundations can include pedestals, walls, piles, steps, holes, and areas of increased or decreased thickness.

S-FOUNDATION automatically generates and maintains the underlying finite element mesh and leaves the mesh constraints fully adjustable by the user. Users can review code compliance checks to any level of detail, including intermediate calculations, formulas, and code clauses. Additionally, they can filter results on multiple criteria to pinpoint areas of interest and generate comprehensive, customizable reports.

Integrated Workflow with Superstructure Analysis

Direct data transfer links automate importing analyzed Altair® S-FRAME® and Altair® S-TIMBER™ models. With it, users can easily see where to locate foundations on the superstructure. Reactions are automatically applied to the foundation model, and once the substructure’s analysis and design is complete, users can transfer the S-FOUNDATION model back to S-FRAME for further analysis.

Users can integrate S-FOUNDATION into any workflow by importing support locations, reactions, and the preliminary foundation design from third-party analysis software to use as the starting point. All data is available in spreadsheet format, and users can utilize tables to transfer geometry, loading, or results for easy import and export.

Analysis and Design

Users can analyze with a linear or nonlinear analysis and design the substructure using the rigid or flexible (FEA) method. S-FOUNDATION’s automatic model management creates rigid zones under pedestal footprints, walls, and above piles to avoid load concentration and to ensure loading pressure is realistically transferred to the pad. Users can also determine structural demands by automatically generating strip integration lines, with exclusion areas, based on code requirements and pedestal locations.

Additionally, users can view and verify spring stiffness, pile head fixities, and tip support conditions to match desired analysis parameters. They can also visualize soil pressure contours to identify areas of uplift and to run an uplift code check.

Deep Foundation Design and Soil Interaction

Analyze and design deep foundations having single-layer or multi-layer soil profiles with options for different backfill soil. Define soil profiles based on geotechnical engineering reports or use built-in default properties based on the USCS (Unified Soil Classification System). Apply different soil profiles within the same foundation model or apply to separate piles in the mat foundation.

Design for reactions and deflections at the pedestals and along the pile length with consideration for biaxial bending, biaxial shear, axial force, moments, and torsion using the built-in Altair® S-CONCRETE™ design engine.

Unlimited Customization

With S-FOUNDATION, users can customize and automate any part of the process while maintaining complete control over geometry, material, reinforcing, and loading. With unlimited customization using Python scripting, automate any analysis or code check operation, or add a new feature functionality. Users can record, modify and save workflow actions into custom S-FOUNDATION Wizards; and users can share and reuse saved custom Wizards organization-wide, expanding S-FOUNDATION’s core functionality and increasing user efficiency.

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