Altair® S-FRAME®

With S-FRAME, users can model, analyze, and design any structure regardless of its geometric complexity, material type, loading conditions, nonlinear effects, or design code requirements. S-FRAME’s automated framework generators build models quickly and import models with BIM and DXF import links, and users can maximize productivity with integrated concrete and steel design tools for design, optimization, code compliance, and report generation.

Efficient Model Management

With S-FRAME, users can quickly define structures using modeling automation to generate regular framework structures, standard or custom trusses, and use clone tools to replicate all or part of the model. Additionally, users can save modeling time by importing existing BIM and DXF models. S-FRAME’s advanced meshing tools create the finite element mesh, giving users the power to generate detailed analysis results in their specific areas of interest. And users can explore those areas of interest by easily converting members to multi-shell models with equivalent shell loading for further analysis to glean more thorough results.

Comprehensive Analysis Capabilities

S-FRAME can perform any of the following analyses: Linear Static, Stressed or Unstressed Vibration or RSA, plus ESFP/ELFP (Equivalent Static/Lateral Force Procedure), Time History, P-Delta, Buckling, Staged Construction, Moving Load Analysis, Nonlinear-static, Quasi-static, or Nonlinear Time History.

Additionally, users can access a comprehensive library of Finite Element types to model any structural component accurately, such as truss, cable, beam, membrane, plate, shell, solid, linear, and nonlinear springs, link beams with nonlinear hysteresis material behavior, and tension/compression only members. And users can generate reports that include detailed analysis results once completed.

Integrated Steel Design with Altair® S‑STEEL™

Users can utilize S-FRAME and Altair® S-STEEL™ together to manually or auto-design steel members for strength and serviceability. They can also optimize steel members based on an extensive list of optimization criteria, design codes, and constraints while meeting regional design code compliance.

Users can also perform composite beam design with automatic effective width assignments, camber calculations, shear stud layouts, support for overhangs and openings, different member layouts, and they can perform gravity and lateral analysis in one model.

Lastly, they can export transparent steel design results that include equations and clause references for all steel members and create custom steel design reports in graph and tabular format that show some or all design results, interactive formulas, equations, and graphics.

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Integrated Concrete Design

ICD (Integrated Concrete Design) uses the structural analysis results to code check and design concrete beams, columns, walls, and continuous beams. Users can design and detail a single member or design the entire concrete structure in one step. ICD generates professional engineering design reports with information for all concrete members, including each member’s passing or failing status, governing load cases, utilization ratio and comprehensive messaging for all failing members, including their design clause references.


Versatile Solution Integration

With S-FRAME, users can ensure workflow efficiency and integrate data and results to other structural engineering solutions; users can seamlessly export S-FRAME models and reactions to Altair® S-TIMBER™ for timber design and Altair® S-FOUNDATION™ for foundation analysis and design.

Additionally, they can transfer model data using bidirectional BIM data links with Revit® and TEKLA® Structures. Advanced AutoCAD® DXF data import enables efficient model creation. Users can also import DXF layers as members, shells, or panels, and pre-assign properties to layers and automatically create model group folders for imported layers with unit conversions and joint-tolerance checking to ensure efficient model transition.

Lastly, users can easily collaborate with team members using S-VIEW’s validation and visualization tool. With it, users can view, share, and validate models during design and export images and videos to create high-quality presentations.

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