Share&Viz by TechViz

A Versatile, Scalable Virtual Reality Collaboration Solution

TechViz Share&Viz is a plug-in that lets users display 3D models in virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR). It captures the graphic flow from 3D applications (Altair® HyperWorks®, Altair® EDEM™, Altair® Inspire™, and many more) and transforms it into a stereoscopic display for any kind of AR/VR device, without any data conversion necessary. 

With just a few clicks, users can navigate a model at 1:1 scale in real time to optimize designs and assess operability. Share&Viz includes a variety of embedded features to navigate and interact with models, including the possibility to clip planes or sketch directly into the VR scene.

Why TechViz Share&Viz?

2D to 3D in Just a Few Clicks

TechViz Share&Viz makes it possible to display CAD/CAE models in VR without data conversion via a simple workflow from the native app.

Immersive 1:1 Scaling

With TechViz Share&Viz you can easily visualize your model at 1:1 scale and immerse yourself to detect flaws and optimize designs.

Compatible with All Displays

TechViz Share&Viz is compatible with all varieties of VR/AR displays.

Key Features

Navigation and Tracking

Enables users to utilize a controller to navigate within the scene and be tracked with either an internal or external tracking system for true immersion.

Bookmark and Annotations

Lets users record a set of model-view positions and return to these positions in different review sessions.


Allows users to select two points in the model, measure the distance between those points, and calculate related diameters and angles.

Clip Plane

Lets users cut model designs to see the interior content.


Enables users to change model scales to get the precise view they need.

Sketching and Snapshots

Gives users the ability to draw over the model in VR and take a picture of the model to be saved as an image file.