Simcenter Madymo™ by Siemens

Where the Digital Twin Meets Tomorrow

Simcenter Madymo is the worldwide standard software for analyzing and optimizing vehicle safety designs and consists of a unique combination of MB, FE, and CFD technologies. Focusing on occupants as well as vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or motor/cyclists, Simcenter Madymo offers an extensive database of crash dummy and human body models together with advanced solutions for seat belt and airbag simulation.

Simcenter Madymo is used to:

  • Cut costs in building and testing prototypes, leading to a faster time to market
  • Minimize the risks associated with making design changes late in the development phase
  • Correlate precisely with real crash test results for new or improved vehicle models and components
  • Allow safety designers to apply design of experiments (DOE) methods and run multiple design variables simultaneously

Why Simcenter Madymo?

Reduces Time to Market

Cuts costs for building and testing prototypes, which accelerates time to market.


Reduced Risk

Minimizes the risk of making design changes late in the development phase.

Accurate Models

Extensively validated crash dummy models and human body models. Its occupant models are widely used in the automotive industry for occupant safety engineering.

Key Features

Crash Dummy and Human Body Models

Includes a database of validated crash dummy and human models. Its occupant models are widely used in the automotive industry for occupant safety engineering.

Easy Access Through Licensing

Benefits of the unique Simcenter Madymo multibody technology can be used by Altair® Radioss® users to access a wide range of MB dummy and human models.

Flexibility Through Interfacing

Run in co-simulation with Radioss and Simcenter Madymo. This enables engineers to use occupant and restraint system models in any FE vehicle structure model.

Flexibility in Modelling

A co-simulation combines Radioss and Simcenter Madymo with its MB, FE, and CFD technologies integrated in one single solver.

Simcenter Madymo Workspace

Product suite includes several pre- and post-processing tools. Users can easily set up models and also visualize, present, and report simulation and test results.

Cost-effective Safety Design Software

Researchers and engineers can model, analyze, and optimize safety designs early in the development process. Reducing the expense and time involved in prototyping.