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The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way companies do business. New product lines, recurring revenue streams, more efficient operations, higher quality, and faster time-to-market are all within reach with the introduction of smart interconnections between systems and assets. Altair has the knowledge and technology to help you realize your Smart Product Development vision from beginning to end – from ideation, to optimization, to launch and operation.

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Smart Products lead to new product lines, recurring revenue streams, more efficient operations, higher quality, and faster time-to-market. Learn what it takes to build a smart product – and where to begin.

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Design for Intelligence from the Beginning

Connected product design requires a different mindset. Where should you put sensors to collect data? How will you connect to the internet? Is your connection secure? Reliable? How will you update the firmware? How will the product work in a larger network of assets? At Altair, we take all of these things into consideration from the very beginning.

Bake in the Business Model

Being connected to your products opens doors to recurring and value-based revenue streams. With Altair, you can develop your product to not only solve your customer’s toughest challenges, but to also build a sustainable future for your company.

Bridge the Gap Between Operations and Information

Your products can work for you. Use machine learning and physics models to digest your product data, optimize performance, and improve operational efficiency. Altair helps ensure your new connected product line is your most efficient tool.

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Smart Product Design, Validation, and Optimization

Designing and validating smart products presents unique challenges for engineers. Problems like poor antenna placement, overheating PCB components, and short-lived batteries can sink a product before it even launches. For companies looking to verify their product to be successful in a broad range of environments and use-cases, Altair provides best-in-class simulation and optimization tools for solving problems like electromagnetic wave propogation, thermal analysis, structural optimization, motion analysis and electric motor design. Our tools will give you the confidence to take your product from prototype to production.

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Smart Product Development and Integration

Developing interconnected products means new skillsets, competencies and challenges for your company. And, while many companies have a connected product vision, few have everything it takes to quickly and securely develop scalable software to move their product from disconnected to connected. For those companies looking to move fast, scale up and stay secure, Altair provides a powerful IoT software development platform This includes reliable and secure device communication technology, edge compute and orchestration platforms, drag and drop stream processing development, real-time data visualization, machine learning model training and execution tools, digital twin builders, and much more. We can help you build the best version of your smart product software.

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Smart Product Operation and Evolution

Communication with your product in the field provides new opportunities. With a connected product, you can determine and predict maintenance needs, identify efficiency bottlenecks, add new features, and improve performance. Maybe most importantly, you can stay in front of security vulnerabilities, and update your devices with the latest software. Unfortunately, without Altair tools, the infrastructure for accomplishing this can be complex and difficult to maintain. Altair tools help you ensure the long term success of your product line by streamlining the hardest parts of optimizing product operation, including machine learning model training and execution for predictive maintenance, block-based firmware development environments, real time data visualization with anomaly detection and monitoring, and much more. We have the tools to help you be successful today and long into the future.

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Altair Smart Product Professional Services

Not only can we provide the tools, but also the manpower. Altair has an experienced professional services team dedicated to solving engineering and IoT's hardest problems. If you need help with product engineering, industrial design, application development or IoT system design, we have a team that can accelerate your innovation goals.

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Featured Resources

Wearable IoT Technology Helps Combat Epilepsy

Despite the prevalence of epilepsy, it can take years to diagnose correctly and treat, with monitoring being costly. A European technology leader in smart remote-monitoring medical solutions found a better way to diagnose and monitor epilepsy. It designed a suit-like device equipped with medical-grade sensors and used Altair SmartCore™, part of the Altair SmartWorks suite, to collect data gathered by the suit’s sensors and transfer it directly to healthcare providers.

The flexible, open-architecture SmartCore platform securely collects and analyzes biometric data in real time, and it’s fully compliant with healthcare regulations.

Simulation-Driven Virtual Prototyping of Smart Products

Simulation-driven virtual prototyping is employed in the design of modern smart products to accelerate product development speed, ensure intrinsic product qualities and improve the decision-making process during development. It results in smart products that are more cost effective with higher quality and reliability. Reprint of the July 2021 cover feature in Microwave Journal

Technical Document

Redefining Connected Buildings with Altair IoT Studio

Toggled iQ combines web application, mobile application, hardware, analytics, and edge computing to create a one-of-a-kind smart building data and device management system. This smart-lighting manufacturer wanted to develop a new, connected lighting and building management solution to help their customers save money, improve comfort, and comply with new regulations.

They used Altair IoT Studio (formerly SmartWorks) to build a complete front end, back end, and edge compute architecture. With this, Toggled's customers can now manage users, onboard devices, manage compute workloads in their gateway product, develop building automation, and optimize energy usage.

Customer Stories

Reinventing Wind Power Generation with Altair IoT Studio

Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish technology startup company developing an aerogenerator with no blades, leverages Altair IoT Studio (formerly SmartWorks) to advance product designs. Hear how the Vortex team is using an IoT monitoring board and a digital twin to accelerate the development process while continuously improving product performance.

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