Vortex® Studio Create by CM Labs Simulations

Bring Product Designs to Life in an Interactive Simulation and Visualization Platform

Vortex Studio Create is a simulation and visualization platform for modeling and testing mechatronic systems. It brings design ideas to life in an interactive multi-body dynamics simulation platform. Allowing engineers, product managers, and product stakeholders to evaluate design ideas and engage in immersive 3D product experiences, Vortex Studio Create shortens the development cycle and encourages innovation.

As mechatronic product complexity and control system sophistication increase, predicting system-level behavior is more challenging. Vortex Studio Create helps you create interactive virtual prototypes to refine product functionality with hardware- and driver-in-the-loop testing of "smart" control systems. With tools to support integration and distributed visualization, it is easy to take simulations built on the desktop and deploy them to immersive simulators.

Vortex Studio Create lets you reproduce working conditions and confirm your product's ability to complete critical objectives before deployment. You can create complex worksites and environments—simulating interactions between it and your virtual prototype—allowing you to identify operational issues early in the design process.

Product success is increasingly reliant on innovation and a multidisciplinary system engineering approach is more critical than ever. Performing in-the-loop system-level simulation and testing early in the design stage is key to enabling organization-wide creativity and placing the user at the heart of the engineering process.

Why Vortex Studio Create?

Take Control of Project Risks

Reduce project overrun risks with a modular solution combining content creation tools, engineering-grade dynamics engine, integrated IG, and more.

Produce Actionable Results

Vortex Studio Create’s physics-based approach to simulation results in realistic emergent behaviors that can’t be achieved using scripted performance.

Reduce Engineering Effort

Vortex Studio Create reduces engineering effort with out-of-the-box integrations, validated simulation models, immersive visualization capabilities, and more.

Key Features

Create Real-time Simulations

Rapidly create equipment simulation models from CAD and 3D model geometry and place equipment in realistic scenarios to test product performance.

Simulate Mechatronic Systems

Simulate the most complex ground and maritime equipment in real-time with professional engineering tools for multi-body dynamics and physics-based contact.

Advanced Immersive Visualization

Create stunning immersive visuals with state-of-the-art shader-based GPU-accelerated rendering.

Extendable Workflow Capabilities

Leverage a robust software stack, including core Vortex Studio applications, distributed computing framework, cross-platform libraries, and embedded Python.

Confirm Product Capabilities

Confirmation of your product’s ability to complete critical objectives long before deployment.

Creation of Complex Virtual Worksites

Creation of complex virtual worksites and environments to test your virtual prototype – allowing you to identify operational issues earlier in the design process.