Future.AI 2022

How data and AI drives decisions and accelerates innovation.

Below is the collection of presentations from the Future.AI 2022 virtual experience.

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Featured Presentations

Altair Data Analytics - Driving Growth and Innovation for the Future
- James R. Scapa | Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Altair
- Mark Do Couto | SVP Data Analytics

Human Centered AI for the Enterprise
- Dr. Vishal Sikka | CEO, Founder, VIAN AI

Journey to AI
- Miriam Vizvary | Director of Data and Analytics, Sky

Thrive with an AI-First Strategy – Today and Tomorrow
- Ritu Jyoti | Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead, IDC

CTO Insights: How Edge-AI Impacts Enterprise Transformation and Business Outcomes
- Sam Mahalingam | Chief Technical Officer, Altair

The Importance and Impact of Diversity in Technology
- Roshni Joshi | Director of Customer Engineering, Google

Artificial Intelligence Driven Product Development - How Mahindra Enabled Artificial Intelligence for Product Design Insights
- Dr. Sarma S R Akella | Vice President at Mahindra & Mahindra, Automotive Sector

Reimagine Finance Transformation to Achieve Operational Excellence
- Vivek Sood | Joint Group CEO, Group CFO, Axiata

AI for Unstructured Data in Banking
- Siddhartha Thimmavajjalla | Executive Director: Head – AIML SCNXT AIML CoE, Group CDO, Standard Chartered Bank

Fireside Chats

Using Data Analytics to Enhance Race Performance
Host of "Future Says" series Sean Lang, and Senior Data Analysis Engineer Alistair Grimshaw explore how data analytics has fostered innovation to enhance race performance at global motorsport organization Prodrive.

CTO Fireside Chat
Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer, Altair and Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead, IDC, discuss trends and share insights on AI-first strategies for enterprises, democratizing machine learning and operationalizing at scale with augmentation of Edge as a data source and compute environment.

Technology Fireside Chat
Explore how an alternative SAS language environment can enable customers to maximize their infrastructure and software investments. Mike Hughes, VP Worldwide Inside Sales, Altair; Dana Rafiee, Director of Worldwide Strategic Consulting, Destiny Corporation and Steve Sibley, Vice President, IBM Power Product Management discuss everything from testing to security to migration. Click here to read the Cybersecurity document referenced in this panel discussion.


Monarch Deep Dive: A Comprehensive Interactive Training

Join Altair experts in a three-part training covering everything required for both new and more advanced users to effectively get the most out of their Monarch deployment.

Deep dive into all the features of Monarch including:
  1. Basic and Advanced Report Design
  2. Excel Report Design
  3. Tabular Data Prep, Transformations and Joins
  4. Enhance Monarch Results by Leveraging Data Analytics and AI Solution from Altair and its Partners
Try Altair Monarch today, for free

Partner Sessions

Google Partner Presentation: Neural Architecture Search (NAS)
Powered by Google’s leading AI research and real-world practice, NAS provides end-to-end model development and a simulation workflow that enables organizations to design new architectures, improve their existing model and build new models more quickly, all while maintaining full control over machine usage.

Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit
Data-driven insights are transforming our world in wonderful ways. At Intel, we’re on a mission to open artificial intelligence and data science to more use cases, in more places, for more innovators. Join Preethi Venkatesh, AI Customer Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation, in a discussion around acceleration and optimizations with popular software tools to streamline the AI workflow from data ingest to deployment at scale.

Panel Discussion: Fraud, Risk and Regulatory Management – The Way Forward
The tricky waters of fraud, risk as well as introduction and renunciation of regulations, have always proved to be a challenge for the global Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry. Can AI/ML develop a standardized and scalable approach to move towards proactive approach? Learn how Tech Mahindra and Altair solve these problems for their valued clients every day.

AMD’s Pervasive AI Strategy – Past, Present, and Future
In this talk, AMD will chart a roadmap for pervasive AI across data center environments. We’ll cover the current features of ZenDNN, explain how AMD’s Unified Software Stack ties into ZenDNN and AMD EPYC CPUs, and share our vision of heterogenous deployment of inference enablement across all architectures, with a single software stack so developers can more easily build, optimize, and deploy AI solutions for real world use cases.

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