The Science of Possibility for Every Industry

Aerospace & Defense

Embrace e-propulsion design, electrification, and AI for CAE, while tackling certification, supply chain management, and manufacturing challenges.

Architecture, Engineering, & Construction (AEC)

Expand analysis and design capabilities and drive innovation towards more sustainable and sophisticated structures.


Accelerate product development, enhance advanced safety, optimize vehicle fuel economy, reduce time to market, and improve sustainability.


Explore sustainable generation, achieve efficient distribution, maintain reliable power grids, and transform the market.

Financial Institutions

Transform business processes, ensure compliance, drive profits while cutting costs, and free personnel to focus on crucial activities.


Design better products, improve patient care, and reduce costs with Altair simulation and data analytics solutions.

Heavy Equipment

Improve the performance and reliability of machines, deliver products quickly, and develop innovative solutions.


Create the best products faster while meeting the cost, efficiency, and sustainability goals the market demands.