Solutions for Semiconductor Design and EDA

Semiconductor design leaders rely on electronic design automation (EDA) software to efficiently design and evaluate their product reference designs — and Altair semiconductor design solutions are built to optimize EDA designs, improve the design-to-manufacturing process, eliminate iterations, and reduce time to market.

For the semiconductor reference (PCB) design, embedded systems development, silicon debugging/semiconductor debugging, and smart product realization, Altair provides tools that address the challenges of ever-increasing performance requirements and product complexity. In addition, Altair solutions simulate normal use or misuse scenarios for structural, thermal, and fluid properties, vibration, and constraints within a single multiphysics environment to ensure reliability and safety.

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Design Flow Mapping & Optimization

The Tool Every VLSI Team Needs

When you need to fit millions of transistors on a single chip, optimized designs are critical.

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Optimizing EDA for semiconductor design.

Optimized EDA Job Scheduling for Semiconductor Design

Trusted for semiconductor design and EDA, Altair® Accelerator™ is the industry’s fastest enterprise job scheduler — with scalable, event-driven architecture for the highest possible throughput. Accelerator maximizes capacity utilization and can run millions of semiconductor design jobs per day with sub-millisecond latency for top performance. It provides scalable, small-footprint architecture and comprehensive policy management features with advanced license scheduling tracks, out-of-queue license usage, and dynamic license checkouts during a job’s lifetime.

3D simulation of a semiconductor chip embedded on a blue pcb board.

Semiconductor Visualization and Debugging

Electronic design debugging is a complex, time-consuming activity exacerbated by modern designs' increasing complexity. Altair® Silicon Debug Tools™, which include StarVision® PRO, SpiceVision® PRO, RTLvision® PRO and GateVision® PRO, are designed to assist engineers in debugging and exploring complex or unfamiliar semiconductor designs, ICs, SoCs, FPGAs, ASICs, and IP building blocks. These tools help shorten the debugging and optimization process, empowering engineers to move reliable devices into production faster.

Multiphysics Solution

Integrating multidisciplinary elements in a single platform enables a more cohesive, more realistic analysis of chiplet and 3D IC designs, saving time and enhancing accuracy. Multiphysics and automation capabilities in Altair® SimLab® accelerate analysis setup to generate quicker, more reliable outcomes. Furthermore, advanced optimization and design of experiment (DoE) capabilities enable system engineers to expedite design testing and refinement within a collaborative setting that nurtures innovation, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge.

Integrated Software for Semiconductor PCB Design

Altair® PollEx™ is the most comprehensive, integrated set of tools for semiconductor reference and PCB design viewing, analysis, and verification for electrical, electronics, and manufacturing engineers. With seamless data transfer capabilities, PollEx serves as a vital link between the most widely used ECAD and simulation tools in the semiconductor industry, allowing many of the world’s top electronics firms to rapidly visualize and review PCB designs. Its checking tools detect issues early in the design to avoid product failures and simplify manufacture and assembly.

person working at a wooden desk with electronic equipment and a computer laptop displaying semiconductor design software.

Embedded Systems in Semiconductor Design

Altair® Embed® is a proven tool for model-based firmware development of embedded systems including motor control, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and vision systems. With Altair Embed, semiconductor designers can design, analyze, and simulate embedded systems using block diagrams and state charts, then automatically generate compact and optimized code to run on an extensive selection of microcontrollers from Texas Instruments™, STMicroelectronics®, Arduino®, Raspberry Pi™, and others. Hardware-in-the-loop testing is fully supported using a high-speed bi-directional communication link for data collection and real-time tuning.

Dependency Analysis and I/O Profiling in the Semiconductor Industry

We make every engineer an I/O expert with Altair Breeze™. Altair Breeze enables semiconductor design organizations to quickly solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies. With detailed data for storage exports and summary reports for sharing, Altair Breeze identifies good and bad I/O for easy wins. Even when programs are designed well, it’s easy for local settings to affect performance. Mistakes such as storing data in the wrong place, small I/O, and excess metadata can overload compute, network, and storage. By using Altair Breeze and following our best practices you’ll fix short-term problems, understand storage requirements, and optimize future planning. Altair Breeze profiles application file I/O so you can ensure files are stored in the right place.

Live System Telemetry and I/O Monitoring for Semiconductor Workloads

As distributed systems and compute clusters become more complex, the need for monitoring, especially in a high-pressure semiconductor design environment, is increasingly critical. To compute efficiently and to forecast and design for the future, it’s important to have visibility into what is being run today. Altair Mistral™ is the leading application monitoring tool for high-performance computing (HPC) and scientific computing. It’s lightweight enough to run in production but flexible enough to ensure that you get the most from on-premises HPC, and that you have the information you need to manage your hybrid cloud. Altair Mistral is a storage-agnostic solution that monitors I/O bandwidth, metadata, I/O performance, CPU, and memory, quickly locating rogue jobs and storage bottlenecks and keeping track of what’s running on clusters day-to-day.

Full Suite of EDA Enablement Solutions

Altair has all the tools you need to manage and optimize your EDA computing environment. Get efficient multi-site license allocation with Altair® Allocator™ and real-time license monitoring with Altair® Monitor™. For mission-critical dependency management, Altair® FlowTracer™ delivers unique flow visualization and troubleshooting – and Altair® Hero™ is your key to easy job scheduling in a hardware emulation environment. With the Altair® Grid Engine® distributed resource management system, you can optimize EDA workloads and resources in thousands of data centers to boost performance and efficiency.

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