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A Letter From Our CEO

Altair CEO Jim Scapa

In our continued commitment to drive innovation forward, 2022 proved to be a successful and eventful year at Altair that included devoting substantial development resources to growth and expansion, including our data analytics and digital twin solutions, as well as the ongoing investment in our global workforce. As pioneers who empower our customers with innovative technologies and solutions, we continually look to the future to enable their sustainable initiatives.

Over the past several years, we have invested more than half a billion dollars into our data analytics solutions, including most recently, our 2022 acquisition of RapidMiner. We’ve integrated our data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, evolved our sales and technical teams to deliver world-class implementation and support, and made our data science software available via Altair Units. The Altair RapidMiner platform delivers Frictionless AI resulting in quick, repeatable, and successful data analytics programs and helps organizations accelerate their access to insights and improve the efficiency in how they design new products.

Altair’s digital twin solution is highly differentiated, leveraging the convergence of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and AI. Our digital twin technology delivers transformational power for organizations to develop better, more sustainable processes and products, and allows customers to anticipate problems with solutions, choose more sustainable approaches, reduce waste and carbon emissions, and improve useful life and reusability.

We continued to prioritize enhancing our world-class culture and investing toward a better society to support diversity and sustainability. This commitment to our workforce earned us another top-50 spot on Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces list, by fostering a working environment where everyone is supported, validated, accepted for who they are and valued for their contributions, dedication, and creativity.

These achievements and more are why I believe Altair is poised to succeed. Our human-driven approach and steadfast commitment to our values will guide us to make the world a better place.

James R. Scapa

Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

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By leveraging the convergence of design and simulation, HPC, and AI, we help organizations transform their decision-making so they can make quicker, smarter choices in an increasingly connected and complex world – all while creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Detailed closeup of metal parts manufactured by Altair customer Chuo Engineering.

Approaches to Machine Learning-Driven Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization Helps Achieve Lightweight, Structurally Sound Structures

Cropped image showing the overhead lighting of a commercial building.

Offering Intelligent Building Solutions


A digitized sphere with eco-friendly icons overlaid a background image of a forest.

Showcasing Premier Lightweighting Innovation

Altair Enlighten Award



Altair fosters a culture of global diversity, professional and personal development, and innovation.

Altair Chief People Officer Gilma Saravia

I’m proud of the work we continue to make in our quest to further diversify our global teams, embrace our values, and make our organization more equitable. Some of this inspiring work includes:

Altair’s global internship: Our global interns play critical roles and help us turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s sustainable opportunities.

Education sponsorship: We’re committed to funding scholarships and educational programs for underrepresented groups through diversity partners and global university programs.

Raising the bar on wellness: We strive to offer the best health practices to foster wellness and encourage our employees (and community members) to lead healthy, sustainable lifestyles.

Empowering diversity through ERGs: The success of our employee resource groups (ERGs) lies directly with their incredible members – their bold ideas and commitment spark change internally and externally. 

Here, we believe that empowering each individual encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and collaboration. We’ve created a culture where our diversities, support of inclusion, and unique experiences are embraced and essential to our success.

Gilma Saravia

Chief People Officer

Our Values

Changing Tomorrow, Together

These values have been at the heart of Altair since the company was established. Our four values are the DNA that fuel the way we innovate, the way we collaborate and problem solve, the way we communicate effectively, and the way we embrace diversity. We don’t just talk about our values – we live them.


Envision the Future

We follow a long-term vision that transforms markets and creates new opportunities for a sustainable future without boundaries.

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Communicate Honestly and Broadly

We share information transparently to ensure broad awareness, engagement, and collaboration. We believe sharing knowledge is crucial for solving problems and fostering innovation.


Seek Technology and Business “Firsts”

We solve our customers’ challenges by being first to deliver cutting-edge technology and business solutions fueled by our innovation, market strategy, and talent.


Embrace Diversity and Take Risks

Our employees’ diverse perspectives and experiences are a competitive advantage for us, and help us innovate, problem-solve, and achieve endless possibilities.

A Remarkable Year

Awards and Progress Showcase Our World-Class Culture

As a direct result of our outstanding innovation, dedication to our customers, and hard work, we won numerous awards that recognize our world-class culture, leadership, and global team.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse Culture Fosters Innovation

We recruit top talent and invest in our global workforce to fuel diversity, professional and personal growth, and innovation. With more than 3,000+ employees, our retention rate is well beyond the industry standard and is a testament to our engaging, inclusive culture.


Languages Spoken


Technical Employees




Early Career Hires

8+ Years

Average Tenure of Current Workforce

5+ Years

Average Tenure of Voluntary Attrition

Donut chart displaying Altair's 2022 Retention Rate of 88.2 percent, with only 11.8 percent total turnover.

Retention Rates

With more than 3,000+ employees, our retention rate is well beyond the industry standard and is a testament to our engaging, inclusive culture.

Infographic displaying percentages of gender diversity at Altair. In 2022, Altair's employee base was 21 percent women, with 24 percent women external hires. Female CEO Direct Reports was 43 percent, and our Board of Directors was 43 percent women.

Gender Diversity

The unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences that women bring to Altair are embraced and essential to our success.

In 2022, Altair had 100 percent intern satisfaction, with 28 percent of interns identifying as women. Our Intern Program represented 75 global universities in 20 countries.

Intern Program

Altair offers a cutting-edge internship program that fosters innovation, teaches leadership, and instills a passion for making a difference.



Diversity of Direct Reports to CEO


Diversity in Directors Serving on Board of Directors

Employee Resource Groups


Women in Technology


Altair Black Employee Resource Network

30+ Events

sponsored globally by ERGs



We offer cloud-based applications which lets multiple organizations efficiently scale and share infrastructure, which eliminates countless independent compute server installations and gives them access to a host of applications that drive sustainable design.

Altair Chief Technology Officer Sam Mahalingam

Altair is at the forefront of the evolution toward a smarter, more connected world by pioneering the convergence of simulation, HPC, AI, and data analytics solutions. Convergence is about building seamless solutions and introducing highly engineered products into the market that support data-driven decisions. Our software technology and consulting services help our customers bring safer and more sustainable products to market faster by optimizing material use and reducing cost, weight, and carbon footprint.

Srikanth “Sam” Mahalingam

Chief Technology Officer

Altair One™

Altair One™

Cloud Innovation Gateway

Altair® HyperWorks®

Altair® HyperWorks®

Design and Simulation Platform

Altair® HPCWorks™

Altair® HPCWorks™

HPC and Cloud Platform

Altair® RapidMiner®

Altair® RapidMiner®

Data Analytics and AI Platform

Altair CSR Products

Sustainability Goal Reduced Material Usage Renewable Materials and Energy Electrification and Advanced Communications Waste Stream Reduction Reduced Fuel Consumption
International Energy Agency (IEA) Target Pursuing material efficiency strategies to their practical limit in the material efficiency variant reduces steel use by an additional 15% and cement use by another 17% in 2060. Carbon emissions net zero by 2050. Almost 30% of the 170 Gt CO2 cumulative emissions reductions from the use of low-emissions electricity in the NZE comes from technologies that are currently at prototype or demonstration stage, such as electricity-based primary steel production or electric trucks. The goal aims to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. A general rule is that a 6-7% reduction in specific fuel consumption can be achieved for each 10% reduction in vehicle kerb weight.
Altair Products Altair® DesignAI™, Altair® EDEM™, Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® SimLab®, Altair SimSolid®, Altair® S-FRAME®, Altair® S-TIMBER™ Altair® AcuSolve®, Altair® DesignAI™, Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® SimLab®, Altair SimSolid®, Altair® ultraFluidX®, Altair® S-TIMBER™ Altair® Twin Activate™, Altair Compose®, Altair® EEVision™, Altair Embed®, Altair® Feko®, Altair® Flux®, Altair FluxMotor®, Altair® Pollex™, Altair® PSIM™ Altair® AI Cloud™, Altair® AI Studio™, Altair® Monarch®, Altair® Panopticon™, Altair SLC™, Altair® S-TIMBER™ Altair® AcuSolve®, Altair® DesignAI™, Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® SimLab®, Altair SimSolid®, Altair® ultraFluidX®
Altair Solutions Structural Analysis and Optimization Structural Analysis, Optimization, and CFD Electromagnetics, Electronic System Design, and Systems Modeling AI, Data Analytics, Data Streaming, and Visualization Structural Analysis, Optimization, and CFD

*Altair Products as of March 31, 2022

Case Studies

Our solutions have helped forward-thinking global companies in all industries, shapes, and sizes, deploy their digital transformation initiatives and take ideas from concept to production faster and better than ever before.

A statistic reading 20+ Altair Staff Volunteer to Teach Engineering Courses at Universities, paired with a photo of a student working with Altair software.

Academic Program

Altair seeks to prepare future innovators to drive decisions that leverage the convergence of simulation, HPC, and AI to predict and optimize system outcomes. Multiple universities benefit from free campus-wide licenses of Altair software and hundreds of student-competition teams are designing cleaner, electrified vehicles with help from Altair. Additionally, high school students involved with FIRST Robotics are building better robots with Altair technology.

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Altair Chief Information Security Officer Jeff Marraccini

Altair is committed to protecting the privacy of the data we collect as detailed in our Data Security and Data Privacy policy. We have developed – and continue to improve – governance and compliance structures for data privacy, implement employee training and awareness on cybersecurity, and conduct regular risk assessments to ensure our software products, services, and solutions are secure.

Jeff Marraccini

Chief Information Security Officer

Changing tomorrow, together

Sustainability is one of Altair’s driving values and we’re doing our part to ensure a cleaner, safer, greener future for all.

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