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2023 Corporate Sustainability Report


A Letter From Our CEO


Throughout 2023 Altair continued to innovate and disrupt, helping more than 16,000 companies around the world realize their digital transformation efforts.

Altair’s focus on computational intelligence is resonating every day in a world increasingly driven by systems-level thinking and sustainability. By pioneering the convergence of simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC), Altair enables organizations to think in new ways. We are the only technology company today that “brings it all together.”

Many things continue to differentiate Altair. Our world-class culture, open systems philosophy, patented Altair Units licensing model, and Data Science + Rocket Science™ mentality set us apart. By investing $213 million – almost 35% of our 2023 revenue – into R&D, we continue to bring promising new technologies like quantum computing and photonics forward.

As we look ahead, I feel certain Altair has a tremendous opportunity and is uniquely positioned to drive a positive impact on our world. We are leading the way with the latest technologies like generative AI, digital twin, AI-powered engineering, digital threads, GPU acceleration, cloud computing, and more. We are democratizing deep technology like generative AI-powered data science to both novices and experts. And we continue to demonstrate our vision is aligned with what the market wants both now and in the future.

The huge investments we have made over the years have led us to this incredible moment for our company. We will continue to drive innovation and sustainability at a market-leading level for years to come.

James R. Scapa

Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

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Altair at a Glance

Driving positive change with innovation intelligence



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Altair fosters a global culture of diversity, professional and personal development, and innovation.


People always come first at Altair. Our efforts continue to prioritize people and help us create innovators for life – no matter if they’re an Altair employee or someone we work with. Highlights from our 2023 initiatives include:

  • Global Recognition: In addition to being named a Most Loved Workplace for the third straight year, we garnered 10 external awards that recognized our world-leading culture. Each year that passes brings Altair more recognition for our people-focused vision.
  • Expanding Wellness: We believe wellness should be a cornerstone of modern working environments. We strengthened our wellness efforts around the world via programs, training, and events that better Altairians’ physical and mental well-being.
  • ERGs Foster Inclusion and Awareness: Our employee resource groups (ERGs) continue to drive our top-notch culture. In 2023, they enhanced their programming by cultivating personal and professional development opportunities for employees to engage in – another way we’re creating innovators for life.
  • Revamped Global Internship Program: We enhanced our global internship program by expanding its presence in the EMEA region and placing an emphasis on hiring interns into full-time positions. Our interns continue to gain vital, hands-on knowledge in their day-to-day experience.
  • Impacting Students: To foster the next generation of innovators, Altair established a combined $1.25 million in scholarships at Columbia University and the University of Michigan-Dearborn. We also increased our efforts to sponsor student teams in competitions around the world and bolstered the student editions of multiple software tools.

And more exciting developments are always emerging. For example, our expanded collaboration with FIRST Robotics promises to redefine the impact we are having on students. Our global offices are being proactive in finding unique ways to tailor wellness initiatives and promote sustainability. Altair’s people are its greatest asset – I am proud that our efforts are making a difference, and I look forward to continuing this legacy.

Gilma Saravia

Chief People Officer

Our Values

Changing Tomorrow, Together

Since 1985, our values have been the heart of Altair. They are the DNA that fuels the way we innovate, collaborate, problem-solve, communicate, and embrace diversity. We don’t just talk about our values, we live them.

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Envision the Future

We follow a long-term vision that transforms markets and creates new opportunities for a sustainable future.

partnership icon

Communicate Honestly and Broadly

We share information transparently to ensure broad awareness, engagement, and collaboration. We believe sharing knowledge is crucial for solving problems and fostering innovation.


Seek Technology and Business “Firsts”

We solve our customers’ challenges by being first to deliver cutting-edge technology and business solutions fueled by our innovation, market strategy, and talent.


Embrace Diversity and Take Risks

Our employees’ diverse perspectives and experiences are a competitive advantage for us and help us innovate, problem-solve, and create a better future for all.

A Remarkable Year

Awards and Progress Showcase Our World-Class Culture

Thanks to our outstanding innovation, dedication to our customers, and hard work, we won numerous global awards that recognize our world-class culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse Culture Fosters Innovation

We recruit top talent and invest in our global workforce to fuel diversity, professional and personal growth, and innovation.


Languages Spoken


Technical Employees




Early Career Hires

8+ Years

Average Tenure of Current Workforce

5+ Years

Average Tenure of Voluntary Attrition


Retention Rate

With more than 3,000 employees, our retention rate is well beyond the industry standard and is a testament to our engaging, inclusive culture.


Gender Diversity

The unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences that women bring to Altair are essential to our success.


Intern Program

Altair offers a cutting-edge internship program that fosters innovation, teaches leadership, and instills a passion for making a difference.



Diversity of Direct Reports to CEO


Diversity in Directors Serving on Board of Directors

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)


Women in Technology


Altair Black Employee Resource Network

30+ Events

sponsored globally by ERGs

Creating Altair Innovators for Life

At Altair, we meet future innovators wherever they are on their journey – from their early years to university and on through their professional careers. As students enter university, there is a good chance they will encounter Altair on campus through our partnerships with more than 10,000 universities in 174 countries. And with our relationships with nearly 7,000 professors, students can learn the power of Altair software.

Learn how students, professors, and academic institutions around the world leverage our solutions to excel in their academic journeys.

Altair Global Student Contest
Data Science DayFuture.Industry


Global Academic Program

Altair seeks to prepare future innovators to drive decisions that leverage the convergence of simulation, HPC, and AI. Multiple universities benefit from free campus-wide licenses of Altair software and hundreds of student competition teams are designing cleaner, electrified vehicles with help from Altair. Additionally, high school students involved with FIRST Robotics are building better robots with Altair technology.

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Where Students and Professors Use Altair Solutions (Globally)







Users of Altair Solutions (Globally)





Once these talented students graduate and enter the working world, our goal is that they use our tools for their entire career. No matter where they are or what they do, we are helping future visionaries develop tomorrow’s world-changing innovations.

Check out some of the work we’ve done in China, Greece, and India that demonstrates how we’re training and growing the next generation of innovators.

Altair provided free Altair® Inspire™ licenses, training, and support to students at 200+ universities and sponsored the following initiatives.

  • National Advanced Modeling Competition: Lightweight Design Track: Students and teachers received Altair Inspire training and competed to solve industrial design challenges.
  • Altair Inspire Innovation Design Course: Curriculum developed with teachers at universities to educate students.

Altair sponsored events, provided free licenses and training to students at 30+ universities, and continued to support the following programs.

  • Academia Learning Event: Attendees enhanced their skills and knowledge on the latest in simulation and data science technology.
  • TechPro Academy: Altair provided reskilling and upskilling opportunities to attendees to enhance their technology skills.

Altair supported startup incubators to leverage Altair technology and provided free Altair software licenses, training, and support to 40+ universities and technology companies. Altair also developed and maintained the following state-of-the-art programs.

  • eMobility Simulation Lab: Altair provides financial support, software, and tools to support the academic initiatives of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.
  • Altair Startup Challenge: Altair partners with Startup India, an Indian government initiative whose objective is to build a strong, inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in India. Altair has mentored more than 50 startups in the process through technology and technical support, and with many of those now commercializing their solutions.

FIRST® Robotics: Our Story

Our collaboration with FIRST is a monumental achievement for Altair – one of many demonstrating our commitment to students and fostering the next generation of world-changing talent. The work we do is truly a vision that starts at the highest echelons of our organization and includes everyone at Altair. 

As Altair CEO Jim Scapa put it,

“Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders, the people charged with creating world-changing innovations and solving our toughest challenges. Failing to invest in students, and young people in general, is failing to invest in the future.”


Altair’s momentum with FIRST is building as we scale and expand our sponsorship in more global locations in key markets like China and Turkey. We're passionate about empowering the next generation of innovators by providing financial, technical, and mentorship support that inspire creativity to solve real-world engineering challenges.

The 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition season features nearly 4,000 high school teams from around the world. We are delighted and honored that Altair software tools are now officially included in the FIRST Kit of Parts. This means thousands of members of these FIRST teams have free access to Altair’s leading technology, including premier solutions like Altair® RapidMiner® and Inspire. Our technology is helping STEAM students – those interested in science, technology, engineering, arts, and/or math – become real-world ready at a whole new level.

Watch Altair CEO Jim Scapa's thought-provoking fireside chat with Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST Robotics

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Scholarship Initiatives


Columbia University

Altair established a $1 million Altair #OnlyForward Scholarship at Columbia University, which awarded 10 students pursuing a four-year engineering or STEM-related undergraduate degree with $25,000 each year of their undergraduate studies.

“This scholarship is an amazing contribution with the potential to change the lives of our students,” said Shih-Fu Chang, dean of Columbia Engineering.

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University of Michigan-Dearborn

Altair established a $225,000 Altair #OnlyForward Scholarship at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, which awarded nine students pursuing a four-year engineering or STEM-related undergraduate degree with $25,000.

“We’re delighted that Altair is sponsoring this remarkable gift that will surely change the trajectory of these students’ education and career,” said Dr. Ghassan Kridli, dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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We're always looking for the industry's top talent

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By leveraging the convergence of simulation, HPC, data analytics, and AI, we help organizations transform their decision-making so they can make quicker, smarter choices in an increasingly connected and complex world – all while creating a greener, more sustainable future.


Offering Intelligent Building Solutions



Showcasing Premier Lightweighting Innovation

Altair Enlighten Award



Altair Chief Technology Officer Sam Mahalingam

Altair offers unrivaled tools for digital transformation, what I call the “Altair Advantage.” Our industry-leading simulation, HPC, data analytics, and AI solutions create a complete environment for customer success. These platforms unlock innovation, foster data and AI maturity, provide comprehensive support, and educate users of all kinds to harness the power of computational intelligence. This year’s transformative upgrades to three product platforms – Altair HyperWorks, Altair RapidMiner, and Altair HPCWorks – are just a glimpse of our ongoing commitment to delivering new capabilities for our customers.

But the “Altair Advantage” goes far beyond our technology. We are dedicated partners in our customers’ success, always helping them achieve their goals, make better decisions, and amplify human ingenuity to drive groundbreaking engineering and sustainable growth. Together, we are building a brighter future.

Srikanth “Sam” Mahalingam

Chief Technology Officer

Altair One®

Altair One®

Cloud Innovation Gateway

Altair® HyperWorks®

Altair® HyperWorks®

Design and Simulation Platform

Altair® HPCWorks®

Altair® HPCWorks®

HPC and Cloud Platform

Altair® RapidMiner®

Altair® RapidMiner®

Data Analytics and AI Platform

Altair in Action

These three core capabilities—coupled with Altair One—deliver the computational intelligence every bold idea requires to transform into innovation that shapes the world. Discover how Altair is using the convergence of simulation, HPC, data, and AI to deliver “The Science of Possibility.”



Leonardo S.p.A.

Leonardo S.p.A.



Case Studies

Our solutions have helped forward-thinking global companies in all industries, shapes, and sizes deploy their digital transformation initiatives and take ideas from concept to production faster than ever before.

Altair CSR Products

Sustainability Goal Reduced Material Usage Renewable Materials and Energy Electrification and Advanced Communications Waste Stream Reduction Reduced Fuel Consumption
International Energy Agency (IEA) Target Pursuing material efficiency strategies to their practical limit in the material efficiency variant reduces steel use by an additional 15% and cement use by another 17% in 2060. Carbon emissions net zero by 2050. Almost 30% of the 170 Gt CO2 cumulative emissions reductions from the use of low-emissions electricity in the NZE comes from technologies that are currently at prototype or demonstration stage, such as electricity-based primary steel production or electric trucks. The goal aims to substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse. A general rule is that a 6-7% reduction in specific fuel consumption can be achieved for each 10% reduction in vehicle curb weight.
Altair Products Altair® DesignAI™, Altair® EDEM™, Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® Inspire™, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® SimLab®, Altair SimSolid®, Altair® S-FRAME®, Altair® S-TIMBER™ Altair® AcuSolve®, Altair® DesignAI™, Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® SimLab®, Altair SimSolid®, Altair® ultraFluidX®, Altair® S-TIMBER™ Altair Activate®, Altair Compose®, Altair® EEVision™, Altair Embed®, Altair® Feko®, Altair® Flux®, Altair FluxMotor®, Altair® PollEx™, Altair® PSIM™ Altair® Monarch®, Altair® Panopticon™, Altair® AI Cloud™, Altair® AI Studio™, Altair SLC™, Altair® S-TIMBER™ Altair® AcuSolve®, Altair® DesignAI™, Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® SimLab®, Altair SimSolid®, Altair® ultraFluidX®
Altair Solutions Structural Analysis and Optimization Structural Analysis, Optimization, and CFD Electromagnetics, Electronic System Design, and Systems Modeling AI, Data Analytics, Data Streaming, and Visualization Structural Analysis, Optimization, and CFD

*Altair Products as of November 2023

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Our security and governance teams continued to accomplish wonderful things in 2023. Earning ISO/IEC27001:2022 certification, for instance, exemplified the outstanding work we’ve done. We’ve also enhanced the ways in which teams collaborate, increased our responsiveness, and adopted powerful technologies like generative AI to combat the latest threats from the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. In a world where the complexity and velocity of cyberattacks continues to rise, Altair knows how crucial strong, up-to-date security and governance frameworks and processes are.

As always, our teams continued to reinforce governance and compliance structures for data privacy, upskilled employees in cybersecurity, and regularly assessed risks to ensure all our products, platforms, and services are secure.

Jeff Marraccini

Chief Information Security Officer

Changing tomorrow, together

Sustainability is one of Altair’s driving values and we’re doing our part to ensure a cleaner, safer, greener future for all.

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