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Altair’s open and flexible technology solutions position the high-tech industry to be agile and responsive in the face of global supply chain disruption and consumer demand. From consumer product manufacturers to semiconductor and chip designers to electronics companies, Altair’s connected technology platform with multiphysics simulation, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI)-powered design, high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities, and on-premises and cloud appliances enables organizations to create the best products faster while meeting the cost, efficiency, and sustainability goals the market demands.

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Designing Consumer Goods

Consumer goods manufacturers play a critical role in our lives by producing the communication devices that connect us to the world, medical devices that save lives, and appliances that make life easier. Organizations can fully design, build, and support these products using Altair One™, the open platform that meets companies where they are today, at any stage of product development, and helps them reach performance, sustainability, and cost-saving goals faster.

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Semiconductor Design and EDA

Altair's semiconductor design solutions are built to optimize electronic design automation (EDA) environments and improve the design-to-manufacturing process, eliminate design iterations, and reduce time-to-market. For printed circuit board (PCB) design, embedded systems development, and smart product realization, our technology solutions address the challenges of ever-increasing performance requirements and product complexity as the physical size of devices continues to shrink.

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Electronic System Design (ESD)

Smart, connected devices live with us at home, while we travel, and where we work. Technology for these devices advances by the minute and the platforms required for their design must be ahead of the technology curve. Engineering solutions must be flexible and open to facilitate collaboration between multiple, specialized engineering teams across all aspects of PCB development, from concept to manufacturing. Altair’s ESD solutions offer this and much more to help companies streamline processes, eliminate design iterations, and reduce time-to-market.

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Six Valuable Techniques to Help Advance EDA Productivity

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Navigating the High-Tech Landscape

The high-tech industry is fast-paced and cut-throat competitive, but lucrative when companies get it right. Across the sector, companies vary from international household names to start-ups offering niche products direct-to-consumer. Regardless of size, all companies must consistently innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors to stay relevant and profitable.

Altair’s enterprise-wide, high-tech engineering solutions bring simulation and data-driven design to critical teams so new products can get to market faster. By breaking down information silos, teams contribute across a single platform from design concept to finished product. Moving to virtual engineering speeds up projects, avoids costly mistakes, and reduces the need for expensive physical prototypes and testing campaigns. Trusted digital twins expose design and performance sensitivities before production starts and provide real-time, actionable insights to improve and correct products already in service.

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Mitigating Disruption to the Complex Global Supply Chain

The high-tech industry is affected by natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, epidemics, and more — without notice. Such events disrupt the availability and flow of raw materials, production processes, and distribution networks. In response, companies need agile and secure solutions that can quickly react to change, leverage consulting resources and trusted technology partners, and engage contingency plans to continue operations with minimal delay, cost increases, and profitability impact.

Altair solutions can help companies ensure consistent product quality with traceability and compliance for raw materials and components, regardless of their primary or secondary sources worldwide.

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Controlling Costs

By its very nature, the high-tech industry brings together diverse sources of advanced, often expensive, materials and leading-edge components into complex processing chains. At every step, an unforeseen event can cause a delay resulting in cost increases. Errors and unexpected events that are discovered late in any project are always challenging to correct, and they can result in lost time and added cost.

With Altair’s engineering solutions, organizations can leverage simulation, gain insight, and optimize designs early in any project, which ensures that the right materials, designs, and processes are in place to reduce waste, reduce inferior parts, and improve recyclability.

Energy and time-optimized processes using Altair’s AI solutions can significantly lower costs. Likewise, Altair technology solutions make it easy to monitor equipment health in real time, predict failures, and plan preventive maintenance to avoid costly unplanned production downtime.

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Smarter by the Minute with Altair’s Technology Solutions

Smart devices are light-years more powerful than the computers that put us on the moon. The Internet of Things — both personal IoT and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) — is driving exponential growth, usage, connectivity, and reliance on smart devices. We’re using it not only to stay fit and control our home environments, but to orchestrate more and more aspects of industry, businesses, and our working lives. The possibilities are endless. This increasing connectivity unlocks the full potential of data to fuel innovation, drive new opportunities, and accelerate your smart manufacturing transformation.

While customers are fickle and will swap allegiances to have the newest, fastest, sleekest devices, they are also wising up to value-for-money and impact on the planet. Energy efficiency, repairability, and end-of-life repurpose or recycle are now factors in choosing the best devices — for personal, work, and global-enterprise use.

Smaller and smaller smart devices mean microelectronics need to go nano to keep up with trends. Altair solutions help the electronics industry shift towards ever-smaller devices and improve accuracy within production lines for correct assembly.

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Rapid, Complex Changes in the High-Tech Industry

Driven by the pace of technology to satisfy customers and remain competitive, the high-tech industry must continuously innovate and invest in research and development. However, the jettison of safe, traditional methods for leading-edge approaches such as designing for sustainability, prototype-free testing, and optimizing manufacturing processes invites risk. Altair technology solutions mitigate these risks while enabling companies to reach quality and reliability goals.

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Protecting Intellectual Property

The technology industry relies heavily on investing in research and development, proprietary technology, designs, and associated data. Unauthorized use of intellectual property (IP) reduces revenue, damages reputation, and incurs legal liabilities. To meet this major challenge, Altair helps protect companies’ technology with its single ecosystem and standalone appliances to defeat counterfeiting and piracy.

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Advanced Technology for Regulatory Compliance

Across the technology industry, companies are subject to a range of regulations related to both workplace and consumer product safety, labeling, advertising, and environmental impact. Coupled with geographical regulations, failure to meet mandatory requirements can damage a company’s reputation, incur significant fines, and leave an organization vulnerable to legal action.

Material Data Center helps ensure geographical product availability and conformity, and track eco-friendly supplier credentials.

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Advanced Technology for Service and Warranty Management

A global supply chain significantly increases the need for a robust quality and traceability system for both supplier quality management and after-sales service.

Warranty claims in technology manufacturing represent an expensive headache, accounting for about two percent of product sales revenue, and brand damage can be long-lasting. However, warranty claims are also a rich data resource that can help detect product failures early. When integrated with design and internal quality data, Altair’s data analytics solutions can provide clean data sets for efficient analysis to help optimize service-pack and warranty-design protocols.

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Short Product Lifecycle in High-Tech Manufacturing

No one can see into the future, so the high-tech manufacturing industry needs to have enterprise-wide systems in place to be agile in response to changing trends, consumer preferences, and other factors that cause fluctuations. Whether it’s the supply of chips for air fryers, biodegradable raw materials for packaging, or replacements for broken parts, successful “just-in-time” production, inventory, and supply is key within the global manufacturing industry.

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Overcoming Skills Shortages with Altair’s Advanced Technology Platform

COVID-19 prompted many companies to quickly digitize and enable their teams to work from home. Global projects need a global solution to keep deadlines on track, whatever the circumstances outside the front door. Altair’s patented licensing system, Altair Units, coupled with online training, eLearning, eBooks, and consulting services — all supported by Altair’s dedicated team of support experts — kept the wheels of industry turning. And while some companies have largely returned to the workplace, many others recognize the benefits of remote work and make it easier with Altair’s cloud-based technology solutions, which help secure personnel with critical skill sets, regardless of location.

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Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

In response to mounting climate concerns, consumers, businesses, and government agencies need to adopt eco-friendly solutions quickly. Altair is transforming enterprise-wide sustainability decision-making by leveraging the convergence of simulation, AI, and HPC so organizations can drive quicker, smarter, and greener outcomes.

With increasingly strict regulations around the globe, companies must develop sustainable practices. Whether the goal is tracking carbon footprint throughout the product cycle, designing better rechargeable batteries, deploying machine learning to optimize energy consumption, or optimizing appliance designs to use less water, Altair helps the technology industry develop products and processes that reduce carbon emissions, utilize fewer resources, generate less waste, and stay useful longer. At Altair we are doing our part to ensure a cleaner, safer, greener future for all.

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Featured Resources

Chip Design in the Cloud with Annapurna Labs

As a chip design company, time-to-market and engineering efficiency are the most critical and expensive metrics upon which to focus. With this in mind, the team at Annapurna Labs chose Altair Accelerator™ as their job scheduler for front-end and back-end workflows. As a feature within Accelerator, Rapid Scaling unused compute resources was developed with Annapurna Labs to add structure and efficiency to scaling AWS compute resources, shorten time to results, and change the development model to Continuous Integration.


Getting More from Hardware-assisted Design Environments with Altair Hero 2.0

There's perhaps no industry more competitive than electronics design and manufacturing, and the semiconductor industry relies on expensive EDA tools that must be utilized efficiently for maximum value and performance. As Moore's law has stalled and designs grow in size and complexity, organizations are looking for new ways to speed up verification and regression testing. Increasingly, firms are turning to hardware-assisted verification technologies to simulate designs faster and speed up regression tests.

This paper explains some of the challenges associated with hardware verification and introduces Altair Hero – an enterprise job scheduler purpose-built for multi-vendor emulation environments. It also discusses techniques used to improve emulator efficiency and show how organizations can improve throughput and realize a better ROI on their emulator investments by leveraging advanced workload management.

White Papers

How to Enable High-Performance VLSI Engineering Environments

VLSI engineering organizations manage workflows with high complexity dependency trees and simulation license availability constrains. Webinar viewers will understand how a carefully curated tool chain can help VLSI engineering teams optimize design processes for maximum performance and efficiency with critical success factors such as collaboration, efficient sharing of compute and license resources, clear visibility of progress and project status and reproducibility of results and concepts in mind.


EDA in the Cloud: Containerization, Migration, and System Telemetry

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly good choice for EDA, but a data-led transformation is needed to take advantage of the flexibility that public compute resources can offer and to maximize performance and cost. Cloud allows an organization to benefit from a clear return on investment that supports innovation and rapid prototyping, provided those advantages are fully exploited. The wins achievable by a well-planned hybrid cloud strategy should see reduced costs both on-premises and in the cloud. The ability to dynamically tune compute and storage resources based on business and application needs is only available in the cloud, and only if the right telemetry and data pipelines are in place to inform infrastructure decisions. In this paper we discuss how to put that plan in place and ensure that key business objectives are met as workflows are adapted and migrated to a new compute environment.

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