Software Security Measures

Altair Engineering Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates reserve the right to embed software security mechanisms in the Software for the purpose of detecting the installation and/or use of illegal copies of the Software. The Software may collect and transmit non-proprietary data about those illegal copies. Data collected will not include any customer data created by or used in connection with the Software and will not be provided to any third party, except as may be required by law or legal process or to enforce our rights with respect to the use of any illegal copies of the Software. By using the Software, you consent to such detection and collection of data, as well as its transmission and use if an illegal copy of the Software is detected. You may not take any steps to avoid or detect the purpose of any such security mechanisms.

Security Compliance and Certification

Our certification roadmap includes the Center for Internet Security Implementation compliance to ensure that Altair customers receive sustainable and upgradable protection from ongoing and emerging threats.

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Security Training

Altair’s Cyber Security team conducts yearly Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSTAT). This training informs all Altair employees about the latest security threats and the measures they can take to prevent security breaches. CSTAT includes but is not limited to topics such as phishing, general data protection regulation (GDPR), risk of AI chatbots, clean desk policy, classic danger zones, security at the workplace, security at home, smishing, password guidance, and security policy compliance.

Reporting Security Issues

Go to the Altair Community > Contact Support option and create a ticket. The support team will help you quickly resolve any issues.

Privacy Policy and Transparency

Altair respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it through compliance with the Altair Privacy Policy.

FAQs About Managed Altair Licensing

1. What efforts does Altair take to ensure that its software titles are secure?

Altair’s IT Security team monitors and protects the Altair corporate infrastructure as well as Altair and partner products against known and emerging threats. This team offers ongoing security support, training, and improvement throughout the organization. With these measures in place, Altair is prepared to quickly identify and respond to security risks.

For products specifically, Altair’s Product Security Center of Excellence oversees a comprehensive program for checking product security throughout a product’s lifecycle. The program implements the latest trusted technical solutions for scanning code and libraries, which ensures that Altair product downloads are stable and free of unwanted material.

2. Is Altair Licensing secure?

Our certification roadmap includes the Center for Internet Security Implementation Group 2 (CISIG2) compliance with major milestones already achieved that ensure sustainable and upgradeable protection from ongoing and emerging threats. For customers enrolled in Altair Licensing, security patches are implemented systematically and sustainably without impacting the licensing infrastructure. Customers can use their licenses without worrying about security issues. Some of the key measures Altair takes to protect customer licensing data includes:

  • Object storage is encrypted at rest​.
  • VPC peering is encrypted at the network layer​.
  • Guard rails are in place via the AWS Control Tower​.
  • Cloud security posture management (CSPM) service is in place to identify security risks.

3. Is my personal data, intellectual data, and Altair licensing data secure?

Altair’s assessor-backed processes ensure that customer data is protected. Your models and intellectual data remain with you locally and are not stored through the Altair Licensing operation. Passwords and login credentials are not stored. License usage data that includes location and personal data is obfuscated for protection.  On a broader scale, Altair's internal compliance and privacy team work to ensure that Altair Licensing responds to privacy and security laws wherever you are in the world. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

4. What should I do if I have any questions?

Visit the Altair Community > Knowledge Base where you can find information about the set up and usage of managed licenses. If you need further assistance, select the Altair Community > Contact Support option and create a support request or report a problem. The support team will help you quickly resolve any issues.

5. Can I still control access with Altair Licensing?

Yes, organizations can fully control user access to licenses. Organizations can also easily track their usage data, enabling them to draw insights that can inform future purchasing decisions to maximize return on investment.

6. What about downtime?

Registered users will generally not experience downtime. In the event that Altair’s local data center goes offline, onboarding new licenses would be disrupted, but the operation of current licenses would not be affected. Our global technical team (GTT) is available to address any unforeseen issues quickly.  

7. Is Altair Licensing robust and able to handle volume?

Yes, Altair Licensing is modern, flexible, and scalable.

8. What are the benefits associated with Altair Licensing?

  • Anytime access through a network connection. End users and administrators are no longer constrained by their company’s network.
  • Remarkable savings by eliminating on-premises servers:
    • No more expensive licensing infrastructure maintenance.
    • No more manual license-server, license-file, and security upgrading.
    • No more time-consuming, manual usage reporting.
    • No multiple servers for organizations that have more than one license.
  • Seamless license access, control, and management with which organizations can:
    • Define user access to specific products.
    • Leverage usage transparency to make optimal purchasing decisions that maximize return on investment.

Rev. January 29, 2024