Altair Breeze™

Detailed Dependency Analysis and I/O Profiling

Altair Breeze makes every engineer an I/O expert.

With Altair Breeze, you can quickly solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies. With detailed data for storage exports and summary reports for sharing, Altair Breeze identifies good and bad I/O for easy wins.

Even when programs are designed well, it’s easy for local settings to affect performance. Mistakes such as storing data in the wrong place, small I/O, and excess metadata can overload compute, network, and storage. By using Altair Breeze and following our best practices you’ll fix short-term problems, understand storage requirements, and optimize future planning. Altair Breeze profiles application file I/O so you can ensure files are stored in the right place.

Why Altair Breeze?

Fast, Agile, and Cloud-ready

Altair Breeze provides you right the information to quickly solve deployment and performance problems and tune applications for your IT setup, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It forms a common language for IT managers, users, and software vendors to work together, taking the guesswork out of issue resolution.

Informed Data Hygiene

Track application dependencies for good data hygiene. Altair Breeze automatically detects which files, programs, and libraries have been used by an application to create a bill of materials for each run. This can be used to solve deployment issues or prove the correctness of a deployment.

Strategic Migration

Prepare for your next migration with Altair Breeze. Whether your organization is heading to the cloud or to a new storage architecture, Altair Breeze will provide invaluable information for your migration strategy. Use the list of dependencies provided by Altair Breeze to solve installation problems and migrate applications to the cloud or a container platform easily. Analysis of resource use and I/O patterns lets you size storage requirements easily.

Key Features

Triage for System Administration

“Why does this application work for you and not for me?” Deep dive into application arguments, environment, libraries, and dependencies to debug deployment and performance issues. Altair Breeze provides everything you always wanted from strace, but with easily accessible graphical and machine-readable reports.

Troubleshooting Third-party Applications

Although third party applications can be hard to change, often the decisions about how to configure the storage use is within your control. Placing data on the right volumes, removing legacy dependencies from workflows, and designing the right infrastructure for problem applications, all become easy with Altair Breeze.

HPC User Education

Make every engineer an I/O expert with an I/O Healthcheck Report — a straightforward I/O overview and performance recommendations based on common I/O issues.

Application Tuning and Optimization

“Why is my application slow today?” Automate performance and regression testing with detailed I/O profiling. Export files and dependencies for application correctness and migration. Altair Breeze provides per-file and per-process I/O patterns so you can quickly dive in and see where the bottlenecks lie.

Automate Your Go-to-cloud Strategy

Discover dependencies in legacy environments for the lift and shift. Containerize workloads, taking only the data you need. Profile application I/O for right-sizing of CPU, memory, and storage resources to manage costs in the cloud.

Storage Benchmarking

It is vital to have accurate performance metrics across a variety of I/O patterns to troubleshoot storage issues and procure new solutions. Altair Breeze gives you the information needed to see where the bottlenecks lie. You can use real applications to test different storage solutions because Altair Breeze will let you deep dive into the performance patterns.