Altair® Accelerator™

Industry's Fastest Enterprise Job Scheduler

Accelerator is a high-throughput, enterprise-grade job scheduler designed to meet the complex demands of semiconductor and electronic design automation (EDA) and high-performance computing (HPC). It’s a highly adaptable solution capable of managing compute infrastructures from small, dedicated server farms to complex, distributed HPC and cluster environments.

Altair® Accelerator™ Plus, includes a hierarchical job scheduler architected to offload the base scheduler, enabling greater throughput, better license and resource utilization, and more flexible scheduler usage models.

Why Accelerator?

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For Designers

Sub-millisecond latency for best performance and user experience, plus full visibility into key job resources including CPU, memory, and license.

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For Infrastructure

Scalable, small-footprint architecture for effective resource utilization; customizable alerts and notifications; and fast restart without impacting running jobs.

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For Management

Scalable, high-capacity architecture capable of scheduling millions of jobs per day. Manage organizational priorities with comprehensive policy management features.

Key Benefits

Maximum Throughput

Capable of running millions of jobs per day, the scalable, event-driven architecture combined with a small memory footprint and sub-millisecond dispatch latency accelerates design throughput and maximizes capacity utilization.

Comprehensive Policy Management

Accelerator is equipped with a comprehensive set of policy management features including FairShare and preemption, providing the essential controllability and observability you need to set and alter policies and optimize your workload environment.

Job Prioritization

Job preemption and reservations can be used to allow urgent jobs to take precedence over less important jobs. Accelerator can suspend running jobs and resume them once higher-priority jobs have completed, eliminating the need to set aside licenses for urgent jobs.

Altair Accelerator Plus

The Accelerator Plus package comes with multi-layer, event-driven job scheduling; a hierarchical structure for both designers and administrators; and comprehensive visibility with a full-featured GUI.

Rapid Scaling

Rapid Scaling with Accelerator provides high-throughput, cost-conscious job scheduling in the cloud. Designed specifically to optimize cloud workloads, Rapid Scaling accounts for speed and license availability to scale cloud resources back down to zero when they're not needed, bringing cloud costs closer than ever to exact demand.

Increased Visibility and Productivity

Accelerator provides visualization and failure identification capabilities that provide a big-picture view of jobs that have completed, have failed, and are waiting. Accelerator Plus allows cross-organizational resources to be assigned and managed as users prefer — by workflow, by project, or on demand.