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Embed is model-based design software for developing algorithms for complex embedded systems. It offers thousands of pre-built models that cover a wide range of engineering disciplines, with search to identify a model that matches your design requirements, and broad target support.

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Electric Motor Control

The Embed library of motor models and motor control algorithms, for both sensored and sensorless applications, provides the starting point to accelerate embedded motor control projects for any type of electric motor, including AC induction, BLDC, PMSM, brushed DC, or stepper motors.

Digital Power Design

Embed provides hundreds of digital power models to quickly convert analog designs to digital designs and develop compensator algorithms. The library includes blocks and examples for simulation and code generation of power supply, digital power components, and controls to shorten embedded software development.

Analog and Digital Communications

With Embed, users can easily model and simulate end-to-end, physical layer data communication systems providing determination of energy and bit required for a given bit error rate for a comprehensive set of modulation, encoding, and channel configuration.

Embed is commonly used in IoT, satellite communications, RF systems, home automation, academia, aerospace and automotive industries as a platform for visualizing the key aspects of communication systems, digital waveforms, and their associated signal processing concepts.

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Process Control

For plant emulation, Embed offers an efficient way to create real-time digital twins for commissioning, tuning, and operator training. Use open platform communications (OPC) to verify plant behavior and connect to PLC networks including human-machine interfaces (HMI). Reduce product variability, increase process uptime, and maximize asset utilization.

IoT Edge Device Firmware

Embed can be utilized to develop firmware for energy efficient, low-cost microcontrollers, supporting Kafka, MQTT, JSON, and other technologies. With Embed, you can be confident your IoT embedded system is production-ready.

Image and Video Processing

Use image processing to manipulate and analyze digital assets for a variety of applications including industrial inspection and control, facial and gesture recognition, surveillance and security, traffic monitoring, autonomous driving, medical image analysis.

Machine Learning

Use Embed to test and build a variety of deep neural network (DNN) algorithms on the PC and then generate code to implement the inference engine on an embedded target. Embed’s supported algorithms include: Caffe, Darknet, TensorFlow, DLDT, ONNX, and Torch.

Target Support

Altair Embed can simulate, analyze, and automatically generate efficient code that can be downloaded, executed, and debugged on over 1,200 microprocessors, including STM32, TI C2000 and MSP430, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many more.

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