Altair® Hero™

End-to-end Hardware Emulation Enterprise Job Scheduler

Hero is an end-to-end solution designed specifically for hardware emulation environments. Hero addresses all aspects of emulation flow including design compilation, emulator selection, and software and regression tests.

Hero’s vendor-independent architecture and comprehensive policy management features give you flexibility and control — plus greater visibility into emulator status, customizable alerts and notifications, and optimized hardware utilization.

Why Hero?

Visualization and Metrics

Easily identify simulation resource usage and get at-a-glance views of completed, failed, and queued jobs

Flexible Architecture

Avoid vendor lock-in with Hero’s flexible, vendor-agnostic architecture

End-to-end Solution

Speed throughput from end to end including compilation, synthesis, simulation, and emulation

Key Features

Designed for Hardware Emulation Environments

The industry's only end-to-end hardware emulation enterprise job scheduler

Policy Management

Comprehensive policy management features including FairShare and preemption

Soft Reservations

Users and organizations can reserve blocks of time on the hardware emulation platform

Graphical User Interface

A rich GUI to display job status and drill down to the root cause of a failing job

Emulation-specific Metrics

Platform usage visibility for hardware asset optimization and organizational planning

Vendor-independent Solution

Capable of managing the job scheduling requirements of Cadence Palladium, Mentor Graphics Veloce, and Synopsys ZeBu