Altair® Allocator™

Multi-site License Allocation and Management

Allocator's multi-site license allocation and management tool was designed to maximize license usage through sharing. Allocator enables sharing of software licenses among multiple job scheduling servers spread across multiple geographical sites and business units, leading to increased efficiency in license utilization.

Allocator helps you increase your operational efficiency by sharing software resources across multiple sites. You get clear visibility into how licenses are being used across your organization, along with the ability to prioritize and allocate licenses based on organizational needs.

Why Allocator?

Maximize License Usage

Software licenses are expensive, and you need to get the most value from your software license investment.

Increase Visibility

Take advantage of real-time metrics to get a closer look into license usage at various sites.

Adjust License Allocation on Demand

Easily adjust license allocation to maximize your software asset usage.

Key Benefits

Shared Licenses

Allocator keeps track of the total number of licenses in the pool and those in use, and allocates available licenses across geographic sites or business units.

Policy Enforcement

Comprehensive resource management policies let Allocator enforce license allocation policies throughout the system.

Easy Integration

Allocator works in conjunction with the Altair Monitor™ license monitoring tool and Altair Accelerator™ and Altair PBS Professional™ workload scheduling solutions.

Designed for Multi-site Organizations

Development teams are often spread across multiple geographies and datacenters, and we designed Allocator with those teams in mind.

Based on Fundamental Rules

License utilization is maximized by following the rules of following the demand, gradual license migration, and sharing according to policies.

Operational Efficiency

Allocator helps organizations be more efficient by adjusting the allocation of software licenses according to demand, and by using policies to maximize software asset utilization. Unused licenses can be distributed to high-demand sites or held back to meet anticipated use.