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Disrupting the Battery Development Process with an Intelligent Digital Twin

Disrupting the Battery Development Process with an Intelligent Digital Twin

Danson Joseph, Managing Director of Danecca, presents at the UK Altair Technology Conference 2022.

Simulation is now the dominant technology driving the design process. Optimization and machine learning, together with the availability of inexpensive computing place simulation at the heart of the design process, and at the evolution of the Digital Twin. EV battery packs present a unique opportunity to showcase the power of simulation and the benefits of the Digital Twin.

Battery Thermal Management Systems (BTMS) use logic to control the thermal balance needed for reliable and long-lasting battery pack designs. A key driver is ensuring cells operate under load within a specified temperature window. The system design challenge is to balance the heat generated by current demand and supply against an efficient cooling strategy.

A Digital Twin has been created which presents a virtual representation of a physical battery pack subject to a transient duty cycle. The Digital Twin mimics the embedded control logic of the hardware to manage system heating and cooling during the event.

Capturing the complex physics and system response with the Digital Twin in timescales commensurate with the physical hardware enhances the role of simulation within the UK battery development community. The battery Digital Twin presents new opportunities for rapid, holistic, design exploration and innovation.

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