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Accelerate AI Adoption

Altair delivers Frictionless AI to customers to accelerate AI adoption.

Friction in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to failed projects, wasted money, and unnecessary work. Today, departments are siloed, the volume of data grows so fast that organizations can’t manage or leverage it, and there’s still a serious shortage of data science talent. Organizations must address these points of friction as part of their data and AI strategy so they can build quick, repeatable, and successful data analytics projects.

Accelerate AI adoption with Frictionless AI. Altair® RapidMiner® removes barriers so you can connect your three most important assets: data, people, and processes.

2023 Frictionless AI Global Survey Report

A thorough, data-driven look at how organizations are adopting data and AI strategies, the three main types of friction, how friction impacts organizations, and more.

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What Does Frictionless AI Mean?

Extract and prepare data from any source.

No Friction Between Users and Data

Organizations have access to vast amounts of data that could improve their business – but for that data to be valuable, it must be used. Ungovernable sources and incompatible systems create chaos. Frictionless AI allows you to work with any data and builds trust in the insights that data provides.

Altair RapidMiner empowers users to easily extract and prep data from any source, working with reports and PDFs that are core to the business. It builds trust with an array of features that explain complex data models and delivers insights to the right stakeholders in real time.

Altair's data analytics and AI solutions enable anyone to leverage the tools needed for data-driven insights.

No Friction Between Data and Domain Experts

Skill and communication gaps between data experts and the people closest to your business slow down the enterprise. The shortage of data science talent is one of the top barriers hindering enterprise AI adoption. With Frictionless AI, you don’t need to be a coder to predict future outcomes.

Altair RapidMiner allows organizations to scale AI initiatives without a big team of data scientists or expensive service engagements. Our platform empowers anyone, from novice to expert, to leverage the tools needed to provide data-driven insights. Teams can collaborate on projects easily while still working the way they want to between our Auto ML, visual workflows, and coding options.

Altair RapidMiner delivers breadth and depth across the analytics lifecycle.

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An end-to-end data analytics and AI platform.

No Friction from Idea to Production

Many meaningful AI initiatives idle with models that never have the opportunity to deliver business impact. There are hurdles accessing the data, getting buy-in, deploying models into production, and maintaining them once they do get deployed. Frictionless AI means that no matter where data is coming from or where insights need to go, everything is easily distributable and consumable.

Altair RapidMiner is end-to-end, from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and visualization. Our team works with organizations on an AI roadmap, identifying the highest priority use cases based on feasibility and value, and then helps tackle those first. Our platform and methodology are designed to get models deployed so they can deliver business value right away.

Altair RapidMiner supports diverse infrastructure landscapes.

No Friction When Tools, Vendors, or Infrastructure Change

Securing the right infrastructure is challenging; handling the procurement process and paperwork is tedious. Frictionless AI supports diverse infrastructure landscapes – from mainframes to cloud – and alleviates the pressure of modernizing expensive legacy environments.

Altair RapidMiner’s flexible delivery options provide users and enterprises with the scale they need, from a user’s desktop to on-premises servers, to secure, multi-tenant cloud implementation. With Altair RapidMiner, teams can create, maintain, and run models and workflows in a multi-language environment (SAS language, Python, R, SQL). We also offer flexible licensing and usage of all Altair’s data analytics and AI products via Altair Units, Altair's innovative software licensing system.

Altair RapidMiner Accelerates AI Adoption

Between our technology, our Center of Excellence (CoE) methodology, and the Altair Units licensing model, Altair RapidMiner accelerates your analytics initiatives. Our platform meets you where you are and evolves with your company wherever you need to go in the future. Altair RapidMiner delivers Frictionless AI and opens a world of new possibilities for what you and your team can achieve.

Two people using Altair for data analytics and AI.

Data Analytics and AI Platform

Regardless of where an organization is on their data journey, Altair RapidMiner helps teams overcome their most challenging obstacles. We offer a path to modernization for established data analytics teams as well as a path to automation for teams just getting started. We do this without requiring your organization to radically change your people, processes, computing environment, or existing data landscape, helping you achieve your data goals.

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Four people discussing Altair's Center of Excellence methodology.

Center of Excellence Methodology

Altair helps organizations shape their data analytics programs and upskill their employees with the Center of Excellence methodology. The CoE identifies the highest priority use cases, upskills the business line teams so they can address data analytics problems themselves, and trains everyone – from business analysts to data scientists – to use the right tools for the problem. Training is available through the Altair RapidMiner Academy, which provides self-paced, persona-based learning for users of all skill levels and industries.

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Two professionals displaying Altair One on their desktop.

Patented License Model

Historically, the data analytics sector has revolved around named-user pricing that drives up costs and limits access. Altair Units democratizes access to data analytics solutions while simultaneously making it more affordable than ever to access these tools. The ability to access all of Altair’s data analytics and AI products via Altair Units gives users the flexibility to run software anywhere, the freedom to choose what software tools they need when they need them, and unparalleled value that maximizes use and minimizes cost.

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Featured Resources

Explore Altair's Alternative SAS Language Environment

Altair enables you to develop, test and deploy programs, machine learning models, and macros written in the language of SAS as well as Python, R, and SQL - or in any combination of these - affordably, intuitively, and with no third-party software needed. We deliver the perfect combination of low-level data engineering facilities for retrieving, blending, and preparing data for analysis, along with machine learning features that let you build, explore, and validate reproducible predictive models. Altair delivers the complete, and only true alternative solution for developing and maintaining models, programs, and macros written in the SAS language.

Product Overview Videos

Enabling Data Science at Avery Dennison

In this presentation, Karan Bedi, Senior Digital Innovation Lead at Avery Dennison, takes us through the company's Data Science journey. He discusses how Avery Dennison works with data today and what their goal is with regards to democratizing data science. He introduces RapidMiner, an end-to-end data science platform now part of Altair, and explain how they are using it.

This presentation was part of the 2nd Altair Northern UK Seminar and was filmed live in Newcastle, UK in December 2022.

Speaker: Karan Bedi, Senior Digital Innovation Lead, Avery Dennison
Duration: 18 minutes

Conference Presentations

Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation

Whether you call it data preparation, mining, extracting, cleaning, joining, blending, or masking, it's all data transformation. This guide will help you assess your requirements and develop an implementation plan to increase efficiency and reduce errors in your data transformation processes. Experience no-code, automated data transformation: Try Altair Monarch today, for free.


Break Down Data Science Language Barriers

For developers of analytics and ML tools, free-to-use resources like Python, R, and SQL have redefined the landscape. And this isn't simply a matter of cost. These open-source languages offer greater productivity, flexibility, and their own specific sets of capabilities and benefits. But there's a catch. While it may no longer be the preferred choice for coders who have grown up with open source, the long-established, SAS language remains a staple of the data science ecosystem. As a result, many enterprises still rely on a host of business-critical applications that were built using SAS language.


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