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Total Materia AG Launches Updates to Total Materia Horizon APA Software

Altair Partner Alliance (APA) member Total Materia AG has announced updates to its Total Materia (TM) Horizon software, which will deliver numerous advantages to users, including an enhanced user interface and new functionalities that will facilitate more insightful material selection decisions.

With these new capabilities, users will gain access to a broader range of materials and more in-app features for searching material information. The update also introduces a more intuitive user interface, an expanded library of world standards and proprietary sources, as well as access to the Material Console add-on. In this add-on, users can create material lists, compare materials, and generate reports.

TM Horizon empowers users by improving simulation accuracy via reliable advanced material properties information, providing seamless export to Altair tools like Altair® OptiStruct® and Altair® Radioss®, giving access to more than 80 global standards, thousands of producer data sheets, research papers and other resources, and enabling localization through global equivalents.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Total Materia was founded in 1999 and is a leading provider of materials information and data management solutions, serving industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to energy and material suppliers. Total Materia offers tools and services to help companies optimize material selection, design, and compliance. Over the past two decades, it has served industries worldwide, offering pragmatic solutions for accessing and managing diverse material data. Total Materia’s solutions have simplified customers’ internal processes by providing them with more reliable, more sustainable material selection and by unlocking innovation and savings. By harnessing diverse materials information and artificial intelligence (AI), Total Materia helps customers optimize selection, reduce costs, and deliver profound material performance insights. Total Materia allows its customers to have a competitive edge in achieving operational excellence and sustainability goals, which establishes it as a trusted partner in overcoming customers’ materials and business challenges.

“The new and advanced functionalities of TM Horizon are poised to significantly elevate the material selection possibilities of APA customers, enriching their engineering workflows while delivering a superior user experience,” said Neil Baumann, chief operating officer, Total Materia. “We are excited to see what customers will be able to do with this new version, and look forward to greater innovation throughout the materials selection process and beyond.”

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