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Buck Converters - Overview

Introduction of Anthony Boon and overview of the Buck Converter series

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Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Simulation

Simulation of the control system in order to analyze the response of the buck converter in voltage mode control. The microcontroller peripherals which are needed are simulated using the peripheral simulation blocks of the Digital Power Designer.

Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Compensator Coefficient Tuning

The buck converter is simulated with the coeffiecients of the compensator being the inputs. This gives us the opportunity to better tune the coefficients based on the response of the converter.

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Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Open Loop

We take the first step to control the actual converter. We run a hardware in the loop diagram in open loop.

Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Closed Loop Model Design and Compilation

We look into the design of the model for closed loop control of the buck converter and look into the compilation of the model with just 3 clicks.

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Altair Embed - Buck Converters - Closed Loop Debugging (HIL) and Flashing

Last part is running the closed loop control algorithm in hardware in the loop for validation. After validation we can revert to the design diagram and in just one step create a binary file that can be flashed to the controller.

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