ChassisSim by ChassisSim Technologies

Simulate All Aspects of Vehicle Dynamic Behavior

ChassisSim can predict accurate lap times and the data can be exported and reviewed. The difference between ChassisSim and other lap time simulation software, is ChassisSim is dynamic. Dynamic, means the race car is calculated in real time, as if the race car is being run on the circuit.

Other race car simulation software are pseudo static or quasi static. Pseudo static and quasi static means it is like taking snap shots of the race car at different points on the race track, then the software stitches the snap shots together to provide a "rough estimate". Car manufactures and motorsport teams who use ChassisSim have an advantage as the accurate data shows them how the car will actually perform.

ChassisSim can also provide shaker rig and driver in the loop simulations. Additionally vehicle parameters can be reverse engineered from logged data. If you want the best possible performance from your car, ChassisSim is the ultimate tool. ChassisSim will give you all the information you need to maximize your car's performance for any OEM test track or racing circuit.

Why ChassisSim?

Save Money with Accurate Virtual Testing

Physical testing is time consuming and resource intensive.

Eg. The test car and employees have to be transported to the track, which may be in another country.

Dynamic Testing at Your Fingertips

The transient physics model in ChassisSim allows you to test and explore all options before spending any money.

Eg. prototype.

Powertrain and Chassis are Integrated

The user can see how powertrain changes will effect the chassis.

Eg. how hybrid charging will effect handling of the car.

Key Features

Test Cars Virtually

Motorsport and car manufactures can test various car setups virtually.

Find Vehicle Parameters from Car Data

Produce tire and aero models from the test data.

Run Virtual Shaker Rig Tests

Save money by not having to hire a physical shaker rig.

Dynamic Performance Prediction

Lap time simulation will predict and unlock the cars maximum true performance.

Driver Training

ChassisSim functions as the ultimate driver training tool. Drivers will know exactly where to brake, turn in, and apply the throttle.

Evaluate Transient Behavior

ChassisSim is capable of evaluating damper changes, the effect of a bumpy track, and curb hits, as well as other transient behavior.