CosiMate by Chiastek

Heterogeneous Co-Simulation in Distributed Environments

CosiMate is a platform for engineers performing modeling and simulation of an overall system made of hydraulics, mechanicals, electronics, or other components.

System simulation is a suitable method to address new development challenges with the result of shorter time to market. Without changing the simulation familiarity and learning a new tool, CosiMate's bus-architecture enriches simulation environments through native coupling to any other tool in use by colleagues, partners, and suppliers. Collaboration between engineers of different disciplines is enabled and multi-physics co-simulation enriches engineering work.

CosiMate supports model-based system engineering, enables simulation based design, and allows virtual product development. It is a platform for multiphysics co-simulation with an open approach for interconnectivity to any simulator and standard. With its flexibility, ease of use, and low cost of ownership, CosiMate is the preferred solution for any size and any scale system-simulation requirement.

Why CosiMate?

Open Architecture

CosiMate’s open architecture enables engineers to connect an unlimited number of simulation environments together.

Test Environment

CosiMate can also be used as a test environment by integrating C/C++ debuggers or monitors into the cosimulation as well as test and measurement tools such as LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI.

Networked Architecture

CosiMate's networked architecture is well adapted to the concept of multi-disciplinary development teams.

Key Features

Verification Platform

Co-simulate a model at different levels of abstraction. This capability provides a complete environment to verify a non-regression of the model functionality along the design flow.

Performance Implications

CosiMate technology offers a solution to overcome the difficulty in simulating integrated, large-scale, dynamic systems.

Drag and Drop Interface

Users configure the co-simulation session using a graphical drag and drop interface.

Native Simulator Interaction

An important CosiMate feature is the easy way to interact with the user’s preferred simulator. In addition to the default CosiMate user interface to control the co-simulation, CosiMate allows execution in the native simulation environment.

Integrated Debugging and Monitoring

Available Spy data, VCD and Excel traces, and co-simulation controls.

Simulation and Data Type Options

A large choice of simulation types (e.g. continuous or discrete simulations) and data types (e.g. scalar, logic, vector, or bus) are offered.