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Altair is committed to ensuring that our users receive the highest level of technical assistance possible. Our extensive array of support resources includes engaging learning materials, vibrant community forums, intuitive online help resources, how-to guides, and a user-friendly support portal. We strive to empower our users with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, fostering a collaborative environment where questions are answered promptly and solutions are readily accessible.

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Altair One™

Altair One™ serves as Altair's premier gateway, offering users seamless access to a spectrum of resources, including managed licenses, the Altair One Marketplace, and scalable HPC solutions. With an Altair One account, users gain entry to an extensive library of technical content accessible through Altair's community and learning platforms. We encourage all users to establish an Altair One account and leverage it as their central hub for all Altair-related endeavors.

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Altair® Learning™

To access comprehensive training resources and kickstart your journey with our products, simply log in to Altair Learning using your Altair One account. Our training plans offer a range of options including in-person, online, and self-paced sessions, each designed to provide hands-on experience tailored to your needs.

In addition, Altair can conduct in-person training sessions at our regional offices or at your facility. If you’re interested in arranging training at your facility, please reach out to your account manager for further details. If you're unsure who your account manager is, please contact your local support office and they will connect you with the appropriate representative.

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Altair Community

The Altair Community is an engaging platform that connects you with a diverse network of technical experts and product managers. Here, you can exchange insights, collaborate with colleagues and peers, and uncover new ways to maximize the value Altair's products can deliver.

To tap into this vibrant community, simply log in using your Altair One credentials. Once logged in, take the opportunity to explore and subscribe to various forums and user groups. By doing so, you'll stay informed about the latest release updates, upcoming events, and pertinent questions raised by fellow members.

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Altair Online Help

Altair’s online help is a crucial resource when seeking technical assistance and guidance. From comprehensive user, reference, and validation manuals to in-application help and step-by-step tutorials, our online help is a convenient, efficient way to answer questions that arise when using Altair’s products, empowering users to overcome obstacles and make the most of the tools and services at their disposal. Through intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces, online help builds proficiency, promotes self-reliance, and fosters a seamless, rewarding user experience.

Access online help directly from Altair’s products or through the Community Documentation page.

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Altair How-To Channels

Altair's How-To channels are a quick, convenient reference for addressing specific workflow inquiries or feature-related questions. Videos within these channels are organized into playlists, each focused on illustrating a particular workflow or method. These playlists are further categorized into sections, delineating Altair's diverse array of solutions spanning engineering, data science, and Internet of Things domains.

Please note that while the channels provide valuable insights, they are not intended to act as a substitute to our comprehensive online help resources, product trainings, support portal, or community engagement platforms.

HyperWorks ChannelRapidMiner ChannelHPCWorks Channel


Customer Support Portal

Altair’s customer support portal, located within the Altair Community, is designed to be utilized by our commercial users. The customer support portal provides a secure, user-friendly method of communicating with Altair’s technical staff, enabling you to submit and track support cases and receive regular updates.

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Altair Academic Program

The Altair Academic Program is designed to equip university students, faculty, and researchers with the latest tools that further their education, bolster their research, and prepare them for the future. Learn more at

Support for free student edition licenses is provided through Altair’s Academic Forum. We welcome students to collaborate and ask questions on our community forums. Our team is eager to assist and guide students on their learning journey.

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Support for Clients Serviced by Altair Channel Partners

If your account is serviced by one of our channel partners, we encourage you to contact them for support. Channel partner information can be found at

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If you’re still having issues getting the technical support you’re looking for, please follow this link for additional support resources:


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