FieldView Express by FieldView CFD, Inc.

The CFD Post-processor that Engineers Choose

FieldView Express is a CFD post-processor that engineers choose when they must deliver accurate results in ever-faster design cycles.

FieldView Express gives you:

  • The fastest and most memory efficient solution, especially for large and unsteady results
  • Multiple input formats: CONVERGE, FLOW-3D, FLUENT, HAVOC, LS-DYNA, NPARC-WIND, OpenFOAM, PATRAN, STL, UH3D, and more
  • Side-by-side qualitative and quantitative comparison across multiple cases and solvers
  • Easy and powerful automation with standardized post-processing outputs that are quick and reliable
  • Built-in parallel operation to efficiently handle large data
  • Plus, all the capabilities you would expect from a high-end CFD post-processing tool

Why FieldView Express?


Restart files let you save the state of your session. Read a restart to quickly recreate your visualization, or apply the restart to a new dataset and get all the same surfaces, view, etc. applied to the new data. Powerful and easy-to-learn scripting tool, FVX, helps you minimize processing time and focus on analysis.

Animation and Presentation

Movies saved in MP4 format are ready for use with Microsoft PowerPoint or YouTube. 3D PDFs exported from FieldView Express are easily shared with clients and management and will add interactive analysis to reports and presentations.

Data Reductions and Extracts

Save XDB files for any surface to create full fidelity extracts that are 10X to 1000X smaller than volume files. XDB files are numerically identical to surfaces you create in FieldView Express. Create XDBs where your solver runs, then send the smaller file to your local machine to post process more quickly. Move less data with faster read times and no loss of accuracy.

Key Features

Parallel Processes

Every FieldView Express license has the ability to use up to 64 parallel processes to reduce the time to read and post-process your data.

Efficient Use of High-performance Computing (HPC)

Save time, leave your large files on the remote system, and access them via batch or remote graphics.

Wide Range of Industry Applications

FieldView Express CFD capabilities are applicable in industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and defense.