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Below is the collection of presentations from the Future.Industry 2023 virtual experience.

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Featured Presentations

Disrupt to Win: Building Solutions with Computational Intelligence
Jim Scapa | Founder, Chairman, & CEO, Altair

Digital Transformation in the Engineering World: The Altair Advantage
Sam Mahalingam | Chief Technology Officer, Altair

The Metaverse Mindset for Web3, AI and the Future of Business
Sandy Carter | Senior VP and Channel Chief, Unstoppable Domains Inc.

A Future Beyond Convergence: Exploring Biocene - the Age of New Life
Dr. Vikram Shyam | Futurist, NASA Glenn Research Center

Transformation in the Automotive Industry: Impact on Customer Journey
Zoran Lazovski | Industry Development Manager, Google Cloud

Curious and Creative Machines
Professor Hod Lipson | Prof. of Engineering and Data Science, Columbia University

Navigating the Future
Andrea Mannarino | Team Lead AI, American Magic

Q & A with Dr. Carlo Cavazzoni
Dr. Carlo Cavazzoni | SVP of Cloud Computing and Director of HPC Lab, Leonardo


Panel Discussions

Q & A with Day 1 Featured Speakers
Sandy Carter | Senior VP and Channel Chief, Unstoppable Domains Inc.
Dr. Vikram Shyam | Futurist, NASA Glenn Research Center
Sheryl Connelly | Leading Futurist & Global Consumer Trends Expert

Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances, and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

Amanda Mohan (ZF), Ines Oud (SIMCON), Katharina Hopp (Bosch), Dr. Seema Chopra (Boeing), and Dr. Vidya Venkataramini (GE Aerospace) discuss this year's #IWD2023 theme of embracing equity. Hosted by Samantha Simmonds, Journalist & Broadcaster on Air with BBC News, the above topics shape this interesting and invigorating discussion.

Exploring Digital Twins: Common Understanding, Challenges, and Business Value

The concept of Digital Twins is gaining increasing recognition, and businesses are eager to explore the potential value of this technology. However, many organizations still lack proven use cases and implementation strategies.

Craig Brown (CIMdata), Antonio Del Prete (University of Salento, Advanced Engineering Solutions), Maurizio Tursini (Gruppo Cimbali), Thomas Tecco (XLDyn LLC), and Dr. Jan Dolinsky (Tangent Works), share their experiences and perspectives on the potential of Digital Twins, as well as practical strategies for successfully implementing these projects.


Frictionless AI | Operationalize Data and Analytics

Friction can be a big problem when engineers validate components for cars or planes. But it can be just as much of an issue when you are trying to use data to improve your business. Instead of high temperatures and grinding gears, friction in data analytics can lead to failed projects, wasted money, and unnecessary work. Organizations implementing data analytics solutions can have friction between departments and people, technical friction between tools and vendors, or financial friction between aspiration and reality. Often, it is all three.

We explore how to overcome these challenges with careful thinking and holistic solutions; equal parts organizational education, technology acceleration, and all-around flexibility.

Altair Expert: Altair + RapidMiner Means Frictionless AI
Dr. Ingo Mierswa, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Altair

Analyst Keynote​: Be Future Fit With Data and Analytics
Martha Bennett, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Monetizing Digital Twins: Developing New Digital Offerings and Agile Service Operations
Somil Gupta, Founder and CEO, Algorithmic Scale

Next Gen Trading Analytics
Shyamkiran Rao, Managing Director Quantitative Strategies, Jefferies LLC
Rachmiel Joseph Naness, Quantitative Strategies, Jefferies LLC

Phygital Revolution: Embracing a Smarter, More Integrated Way of Physical-Digital Fusion
Ashish Khushu, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), L&T Technology Services (LTTS)


Engineering the Future | Physics Simulation and Design

As the world evolves and technology advances, consumers demand products that are connected, sustainable, lightweight, and low cost. Designing and validating innovative products presents unique challenges. Problems like poor antenna placement, overheating printed circuit board (PCB) components, and short-lived batteries can sink a product before it even launches. Next-generation design requires the right mix of features, a compelling user experience, and reduced costs. Finding this balance can take time and money, but today’s software tools enable users like never before.

Hear how industry experts are engineering the future and optimizing performance across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, motion, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, system modeling, embedded systems, and more.

Altair Expert: Engineering the Future: Breaking Horizontal (Digital Thread) and Vertical (Digital Twin) Silos, Automate Decisions
Keshav Sundaresh, Global Director of Product Management - Digital Twin & Digital Thread, Altair

Accelerating Turbofan Structural Design
Ross Atherton, Structural Systems Design Team Lead, Rolls-Royce Future Programmes

Application of AI/ML Application in Injection Molding Operations
Dr. Chinmaya Dandekar, Technology Manager, Digital Design and Automation, Eaton Research Labs

Revolutionizing Product Design with Altair: How Faraone Reduced Time to Market and Improved Quality Using Simulation and Optimization Tools
Gabriele Romagnoli, Chief Structural Engineer, Faraone Architetture Trasparenti

Can Innovation and Sustainability Coexist?
Kumaran Siva, Corporate Vice President, Business Development, Server Software & Systems, AMD

Designing the Future: Leveraging Simulation, Additive Manufacturing, Generative Design, and AI for Cost-Effective and Sustainable Products
Joseph Flynn Senior Specialist Simulation & Design Development, Altair
Maoz Barkai Project Manager, Oqton
Dr. Bastiaan Oud Head of Strategy, SIMCON

Design Explorer: Driving the Simulation Process using Artificial Intelligence
Ira Goldstein, Director, Product Management, Altair

physicsAI: Accelerate your Design Cycle using Historical Data
Eamon Whalen, Engineering Data Scientist, Altair

Structural and Thermal Reliability of Electronics Systems Using Altair SimLab
Bharadwaj Gundepudi, Director, Program Management - SimLab, Altair

SimSolid now Available as a Cloud Native Product
Girish Mudigonda, Product Manager - SimSolid, Altair

Unlocking the Potential of Additive Manufacturing
Tony Gray, Technical Director, Simulation and Design Development, Altair


Next-Level HPC | Performance from EDA to Exascale

Optimize your on-premises resources or build an effective strategy for your journey to HPC in the cloud. Access expert insight, keynote presentations, and panel discussions on the latest technologies and topics such as challenges and opportunities in exascale computing, HPC’s impact on sustainability, and the move from jobs to workflows with multidimensional scheduling.

In the competitive field of semiconductor design exploration and verification, performance requirements and product complexity are always increasing. Hear from our experts how Altair and our partners optimize EDA environments and improve the design-to-manufacturing process, eliminate design iterations, and — critically — reduce time-to-market.

Altair Expert: HPC is Exciting Again (Finally!)
Dr. Bill Nitzberg, Chief Engineer - HPC, Altair
Dr. Rosemary Francis, Chief Scientist - HPC, Altair

Driving Breakthroughs in Science and Engineering with HPC
David E. Martin, Manager, Industry Partnerships and Outreach, Argonne National Laboratory

Live Q & A with David E. Martin
David E. Martin, Manager, Industry Partnerships and Outreach, Argonne National Laboratory

Discovering the Path to Cloud Success: A Roundtable Discussion on the Individual Journeys of Cloud Adoption, Overcoming Challenges, and Embracing Future Innovations
Bill Bryce, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Altair
Charlie Lachance, Senior Engineer, BRP
Ryan King, IT Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Live Q&A with Bill Bryce
Bill Bryce, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Altair

At Scale Green Computing Innovations at Intel HPC Data Centers
Shesha Krishnapura, Intel Fellow, IT Chief Technology Officer, Intel

HPC's Sustainability Challenge: The Elephant in the Room
Dr. Rosemary Francis, Chief Scientist - HPC, Altair

Taming the Unlimited Costs of Unlimited Potential
Dr. Bill Nitzberg, Chief Engineer - HPC, Altair
Ian Littlewood, Senior Director, Product Manager, Altair

Journey to the Cloud
Rick Watkins, Director Appliances Business Development, Altair

Access - When and Where
Balamurugan Ramassamy, Director, Enterprise Computing, Altair

Effective Techniques for Managing High Cost Software Licenses
Stuart Taylor, Senior Director, Product Management, Altair

Do We Need HPC for AI and Machine Learning?
Fritz Ferstl, Senior Vice President, Software Development, Altair


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