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Generative AI Solutions

Step outside the hype cycle with generative AI built with business in mind. Altair® RapidMiner®’s generative AI tool puts access to hundreds of thousands of large language models (LLMs) at users’ fingertips. Our versatile and customizable extension offers a secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use way to leverage generative AI’s capabilities.

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A Human’s Guide to Generative AI

In this eGuide, we provide a levelheaded, easy-to-understand overview of generative AI technology – what it is, where it came from, how it works, and what it can (and can’t) do.

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Generative AI with Altair RapidMiner

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Access Over 450,000 Models

Our generative AI extension connects Altair RapidMiner users with over 450,000 open-source LLMs on Hugging Face. The extension also has access to public versions of the biggest models on the market, like ChatGPT. Pick from pre-trained models for specific tasks or go for the biggest on the block. Altair RapidMiner can do both, and more, without users needing to code.

A curly-haired person in front of a desktop monitor displaying RapidMiner's retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) workflow.

More Accurate Results with Fewer Hallucinations

The Altair RapidMiner extension supports retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), a below-the-surface process that limits the model’s frame of reference to real and vetted information. RAG adds context to queries that increase the accuracy of the result and reduces the likelihood of AI “hallucinating.” Get results you can trust with our generative AI tool.

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Quicker and Easier to Deploy than DIY

Unlike building generative AI functions from scratch, users can immediately deploy Altair’s extension for all Altair RapidMiner users in the organization – without drawing additional Altair Units or writing a line of code. We’ll manage the tech so you can manage your work.

A person working on a laptop using Altair RapidMiner's drag-and-drop visual editor to fine-tune a machine learning model.

Build for Your Business with Model Fine-Tuning

In addition to using models on Hugging Face and ChatGPT out of the box, Altair RapidMiner makes fine-tuning existing LLMs swift and painless. Fine-tuning increases relevance of results and accuracy of outputs, key for enterprise-scale applications. Protect your IP and improve security by running branched copies of models stored locally in Altair® AI Hub™.

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Go Beyond the Usual Machine Learning Tasks

Machine learning excels at classification, regression analysis, and clustering. Machine learning algorithms are powerful tools, but their outputs are limited. Not so with generative AI. Altair’s generative AI extension can create diverse text-based content types that users can customize for a wide array of tasks. Altair RapidMiner suite users can utilize our tool for:


Data Enrichment

Augment data by retrieving and contextualizing new data related to a query or an incomplete dataset.


Sentiment and Claims Analysis

Analyze customer service call transcripts and online help chat text logs to determine public opinion and identify common complaints.


Compliance Reporting and Document Review

Review legal documents for compliance and flagging potential issues, reducing workload for legal departments.


Report Generation

Automatically generate reports, statements, business intelligence memos, and more.


Knowledge Management

Assist in organizing, searching, and retrieving information from disparate, siloed sources and non-interoperable legacy systems.


Text Summarization

Create concise summaries of lengthy documents or articles, making it easier for readers to get up to speed quickly and grasp key information more easily.

Featured Resources

A Human's Guide to Generative AI

In this eGuide, we’ll provide a levelheaded, easy-to-understand overview of generative AI technology – what it is, where it came from, how it works, and what it can (and can’t) do. We’ll go over the considerations and responsibilities of any enterprise implementing generative AI, including how to access it, the risks and costs involved, and critically, the tasks at which generative AI excels. We’ll compare generative AI’s strongest use cases to problems that are still better suited to other kinds of machine learning algorithms and outline why it’s important to pick the right tool for the job. Finally, we’ll break down niche use cases industry by industry, highlighting opportunities in each field.

featured presentation ai for engineers

Panel Discussion: Changing the Pace of Manufacturing Transformation through Generative AI & LLM

With the emergence of ChatGPT we have reached another pivotal moment with AI. At the very least, it has unlocked a next-level fever of interest in AI and potentially the ability to disrupt whole industries. This has arguably most organizational leaders wondering, how might this impact my business. In this panel discussion, we will explore the potential impact on manufacturers.

Moderated by Anthony McLoughlin I VP, Sales Data Analytics and AI, Aerospace I Altair

Naresh R. Jasotani I AI/ML Innovations Lead-Automotives, US I Google Cloud
Dr. Ingo Mierswa I Senior Vice President, Product Development I Altair
Mark Do Couto I Senior Vice President, Data Analytics I Altair
Mahshid Shirani I Data Science Manager I Altair

Presented at the ATCx AI for Engineers in July 2023, 38 mins


The presentation is in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description ('AD') on the video screen: CN, KR, JP, ES, and PT.

ATCx AI for Engineers

Accelerate AI Adoption with Frictionless AI

Altair RapidMiner is unrivaled in its ability to eliminate the organizational friction between people, the technical friction between tools, and the financial friction between aspiration and reality. Our solutions empower your employees, regardless of their skill level, to master the analytics lifecycle, from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and reporting. Our platform delivers the tools you need to go from idea to insight. The result is a data analytics ecosystem that meets you where you are, and evolves with you, wherever you go in the future.

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Three Clicks to Generative AI

The Altair RapidMiner platform delivers practical, scalable generative AI capabilities without the complexity. With only three clicks, business users and analysts without specialized training can build and deploy custom generative AI models. Access the nearly 400,000 large language models available on Hugging Face. Incorporate public models, including ChatGPT, and fine tune them to your requirements without writing any code. The Altair RapidMiner platform enables global enterprises to develop sophisticated models that help them innovate faster, increase sales, reduce churn, improve security, enhance customer experiences, and lower operating costs.

Product Overview Videos
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