Data Analytics for Government

Government organizations around the world depend on data analytics to drive critical programs like fraud detection, accounting, intelligence, military maintenance, and healthcare. Altair's solutions enable government agencies and people of all skill levels to access, collaborate, generate, and deploy smart data for critical decision-making.

Altair can provide a FedRAMP-certified Data Analytics (DA) solution for all our tools, this gives institutions the tools they need to optimize operations.

Advanced Analytics to Increase Efficiencies

Governments are embracing digital transformation to drive down costs, increase efficiencies, and improve their services, operations, and decision-making. Decisions about health, safety, education, and security are driven by analytic projects.

Read our Data Analytics for Government overview to learn more about how you can use advanced data analytics solutions to generate insights from data, no-coding required.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Altair’s solutions enable government agencies to transform vast amounts of disparate data into usable datasets that can leveraged to make machine learning (ML) predictive models. Altair® Knowledge Studio® generates insights by using a wide range of modeling techniques and algorithms, from decision trees to regression models to deep learning (neural networks).

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators (SIs) are at the forefront of digital transformation. Altair has deep partnerships with SIs – including Immersion Consulting, CyKor, and BreakForth Solutions – providing a comprehensive portfolio of tools to enable quick and intuitive data analytics. Our open architecture philosophy makes Altair’s solutions a seamless fit with existing software ecosystems.

Read more about Altair's SI partnerships in this blog post.

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Audit Optimization

Preparing for and conducting an audit can be a labor intensive, cumbersome, and error prone process. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Altair® Monarch®, allows auditors to spend less time manually extracting, rekeying, and preparing audit data, which can reduce audit time from days to hours. Additionally, auditors can leverage their siloed, disparate data sources in a no-code environment to automate workflows, improve governance, and optimize audit readiness. Monarch helps auditors do more for less, achieving cost-effective audits while maintaining or increasing audit quality and efficiency.

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Detect and Reduce Fraud Risk

Fraud, waste, and abuse can lead to significant drain on taxpayer-funded services and it often goes undetected for long periods of time. Altair’s solutions help to remove data silos and reduce the burden on resource-constrained government agencies and employees by automating data transformation and machine learning tasks used in fraud mitigation. Altair helps agencies stay ahead of fraudsters while driving down costs by using predictive insights and real-time monitoring and scoring. Altair allows agencies to leverage historical data and build predictive models that can better target fraud, and help make faster, more accurate decisions.

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Ensure Operational Resources are Always Mission-Ready

Having confidence that equipment used for emergency or military services is safe and reliable requires close attention to proactive equipment maintenance schedules. With Altair® RapidMiner®, our data analytics and AI platform, government maintenance groups can effectively monitor the health of equipment by collecting and combining data from different systems to identify which equipment is due for scheduled maintenance and which individuals are due for training and equipment certification.

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Threat Detection and Prevention

Altair has helped the intelligence agencies implement and streamline advanced interoperability using advanced analytics, allowing security analysts to rapidly access, transform and quickly build efficient treat-based reporting. Automated processes reduce the labor required to analyze data, enabling analysts to focus on threat detection and develop proactive responses. Altair's data analytics solutions enable agencies to keep intelligence ahead of the threats.

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Leverage RPA and Data Transformation to Streamline Data Processes

At the core of robotic process automation (RPA) technology is the ability to automate workflows that are repetitive and error-prone. When complemented with Monarch’s data transformation capabilities, this technology can provide an end-to-end, robust process management solution that goes beyond RPA for realizing hyperautomation and reducing error rates in any organization. This powerful combination increases efficiencies, productivity, and agility so agencies can focus on the strategic tasks that matter.

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Government Healthcare Analytics

Government healthcare professionals can leverage existing patient data by using powerful self-service predictive and prescriptive analytics tools in a no-coding environment. Altair® Knowledge Studio® allows healthcare agencies to optimize, increase efficiencies in, and address the most complex problems they face today and in the future.

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