Finite Element Model of the Human Body

HUByx is a finite element model of the human body simulating all the bones and organs as well as the internal fluid in between them. HUByx is a first step in measuring the propagation of potentially lethal pressure waves inside the human body.

Taking a ballistic impact as an example, the projectile can be stopped by any type of protection, and still cause significant damage inside the human body. It can be assumed that stopping the projectile causes a velocity on the rear face of the protection which is transmitted to the human body and which generates a pressure wave which propagates: the interior of the latter. The challenge of HUByx is to represent this pressure propagation inside the human body, by means of finite element simulations.

Why HUByx?

Explosion Simulation

HUByx can help studying how internal organs are stressed when the body undergoes an explosion. This can lead to assess different protection solutions.

Balistic Simulation

Ballistic impacts and their consequences on the body can be assessed with HUByx.

Detailed Anatomy

HUByx features a detailed skeleton and the main internal organs.

Key Features

Internal Fluid with SPH

The internal fluid of the body is represented with SPH particles and enables pressure propagation.

Representation of Bones and Main Organs

HUByx features a detailed representation of the skeleton and main organs, allowing a precise analysis of results.

Impact Validation

HUByx behavior when impacted by various impactors at various speeds and at various locations of the body has been validated against literature.

Pressure Propagation Validation

Pressure propagation inside HUByx has been validated against experiments from the literature.

Study the Human Body Under Sport Impacts

You can study the behavior of the human body under different kinds of sport impacts. For example, it is possible to simulate the protection of a football helmet.

Medical Simulation

With HUByx, impact of medical activities on the human body behavior can be simulated.