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For nearly 40 years, Altair has been grounded in a culture of four key values - envision the future, communicate honestly and broadly, seek technology and business “firsts,” and embrace diversity and risk taking. These values are core to Altair’s internship program.

Altair offers a cutting-edge internship program that fosters innovation, leadership, and a passion for making a difference. As one of the brightest, you will play a critical role in helping us turn today’s problems into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Students and Recent Grads – Jumpstart your career at Altair.

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What Altair Interns Do

Developed with our culture in mind and focused in three areas:


We assign students a comprehensive technical project supported by lunch and learns, so they’re exposed to as much technical expertise as possible to make their project a success. Interns also able to connect with our chief technical officers to collaborate and learn about our innovations, and the industries/customers we support with our best-in-class products.


We focus on professional development skills including leadership, presentation, communication, and networking. Partnering with internal and external resources, our experts provide advice and best practices during lunch and learns specifically focused on leadership competencies, presentation skills, and personal branding.


Our program fosters a fun social experience. We play online games as a team, get to know each student’s personal story, and we bond over common topics like universities, where we grew up, and outside of work hobbies. We also include social engagements like panel discussions with employees who were once Altair interns.

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Meet Our Interns

“When this position opened up with sales, and pushing people skills and life skills, I could not resist. It was really the people that mainly drove my interest to Altair and this internship.”

California Polytechnic State University, Altair Sales Intern

“What surprised me at the beginning of my internship, and the truth is that it still surprises me sometimes, is the trust that my colleagues and my mentors have shown me from the very first moment.”

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Application CFD Intern

“I have learned real world about to work on real world projects. The people are very approachable. I have learned on how to work within a team and time management.”

IIT BHU, Intern for AIOT-Support

What You'll Gain from an Altair Internship


Freedom to explore technical trends and breakthrough technologies through meaningful projects, while making an impact in the world. Test your limits and take on challenges.


Collaborate and partner with our top global innovators & engineers on up-and-coming tech trends, and the newest and the most advance technologies available.


Grow and learn in our development program designed to enhance leadership, communication, and professional skillsets.


Team up with other interns and Altair’s best and brightest to build your professional network all while having fun.


Altair provides inclusive rewards package offering competitive wages, corporate discounts, remote or relocation options, and the opportunities to advance your career.


Altair believes that empowering each individual authentic voice encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. We’ve created a culture where diversity is essential to our success.

Altair Sales Intern Program: Accelerate Your Career

Altair’s Sales Interns play a key role in generating and developing new software and technical, business opportunities for our AMERICAS and INDIA sales teams. This multi-year, sales leadership program focuses on developing future sales leaders by offering hands-on experience within our Business Development, Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales & Field Support teams.

Our goal is to build our next generation of sales leaders. And that begins with you!

The sales, business acumen, and leadership experience you will gain through this internship program will focus on the following: engaging and generating new lead opportunities based on our business strategy, problem solving in a real-world environment, sales event planning, and using data/AI to help drive sales and growth.

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