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Altair and AquaQ Analytics Expand Partnership to Bring Advanced Trading Analytics to the Capital Markets

Altair and AquaQ Analytics Expand Partnership to Bring Advanced Trading Analytics to the Capital Markets
Long-time partners now empowering banks, brokers and fund managers with the visual analytics technology and consulting expertise required to achieve trading effectiveness
BEDFORD, Massachusetts – January 25, 2017 – Altair today announced an enhanced partnership with AquaQ Analytics, which will deliver advanced trading analytics and consulting services to leading banks, brokers and fund managers. Joint customers will now benefit from using Altair Panopticon Streaming Analytics with kdb+™, as well as the availability of consulting resources in New York and London to support firms making tick databases the center of their trading data warehouse, and central to their MiFID- and MiFIR-based reporting and analytics.
Announced in early December, Panopticon 16 is the most advanced visual analytics platform for the capital markets industry. The solution provides faster trading analytics for expedited time-to-insight, and addresses the need for real-time and historic views for trading effectiveness. AquaQ Analytics is an independent provider of kdb+ consulting and training services for clients operating within the capital markets sector. The company also offers the Open Source TorQ Framework for kdb+, which is used by many Altair customers to manage their kdb+ infrastructure for enterprise delivery.
“Together, Panopticon and AquaQ Analytics are providing customers with the HTML5 analytics technology and expertise required to discover trading anomalies in real-time and investigate order executions for faster and more informed decision-making,” said Ronan Pairceir, CEO, AquaQ Analytics. “We are honored to be able to assist Altair in expanding the reach of its industry-leading and proven Panopticon visualization software.”
While the need for execution analytics, along with the convergence of trading and compliance analytics, is widely acknowledged, many organizations do not have the right tools and architectures in place to unlock their information assets. Many firms struggle with business intelligence (BI) tools, such as Tableau and QlikView, on top of their tick database, and with importing and exporting data on a daily basis. Others cannot scale effectively as they provide analytics to a wider user group, or they drown in internal development.
Organizations can now leverage Panopticon to natively connect to their tick database, delivering real-time streaming views of trading effectiveness, and intra-day and historic views down to the last tick. AquaQ Analytics supports efficient deployment by providing the underlying tick database architecture, which scales to high volumes of concurrent users, as well as the expertise in common customer trading and compliance analytics use cases across asset class.
“Quant teams have used tick databases for years, but making this trading intelligence available to all of sales trading requires deep expertise in optimizing whole environments,” said Peter Simpson, vice president of visualization strategy, Altair. “AquaQ Analytics helps with this endeavor, and it is the only services firm we trust to consult with our customers.”
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About Panopticon Streaming Analytics
Leading capital markets firms rely on Panopticon from Altair for faster analytics of real time streaming and time series data. The powerful combination of fast data access through real time streaming connectivity, rapid data understanding through visual analysis, faster investigation through time series analysis and playback down to the individual tick, and speedier action, supports organizations in making faster, more informed decisions that have an immediate financial impact.