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AmdoSoft Brings RPA to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair Partner Alliance (APA) users now enjoy access to AmdoSoft’s one-of-a-kind robotic process automation (RPA) technology, enabling them to configure ‘b4-Bots’ that can automate repetitive and mundane tasks within computer applications. Without having to change existing applications or the underlying IT infrastructure, organizations can win back time, increase efficiency, and cut the cost of human error.  

“With our proven b4 suite, APA users are now able to start utilizing robots and building solutions to their specific requirements, across any cloud or on-site application,” said David Griffith, managing director of AmdoSoft in the UK. “Companies and organizations can employ the b4-Bot to emulate and integrate the actions of a person clicking and typing within their computer applications to execute a business process. Freed from such routine tasks, employees have more opportunity to concentrate on creative, added value projects.”

Including both the controller and robots, AmdoSoft’s b4 suite is a mature yet state-of-the-art solution with wide ranging business, IT automation (ITPA), and RPA functionality. Employed across a wide range of industries, it is ideally suited to large service providers, as well as end users in mid to large size enterprises. 

 “b4-Bots can log into any online or on-premises application and trigger responses, understand variables and communicate with any other system in order to perform a variety of repetitive tasks efficiently and without errors,” added David. “We’re delighted to now offer these benefits via the APA, a unique ecosystem that brings the best technologies together in a way that maximizes value to end customers as well as software vendors.” 

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