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Altair Exchange: An Open-Source Collaborative Engineering Space

The Altair Community is a space for Altair customers to find anything they need to succeed – whether it be one-on-one support, official documentation, forums, user groups, or Knowledge Base materials. Here, users from different organizations around the world can collaborate to share insights, tips, guides, and advice so they get the most from Altair’s comprehensive solutions portfolio. The most prolific users are rewarded with points, where they can level up on global leaderboards and demonstrate their prowess to every Altair Community member.

The Altair Community is always evolving, and our team continuously looks to add new functionalities to support community members’ needs and interests. The latest addition to the Altair Community is Altair Exchange, which gives users more collaborative potential than ever by allowing them to share their own workflows, models, and scripts with others.

Altair Exchange bolsters the Altair Community by giving users a shared space where they can present different materials and open them up to the broader population for open-source collaboration so they can fine-tune models, find better scripts, optimize virtual workspaces and workflows, and more. Users can exchange files and processes, and provide commentary like step-by-step walkthroughs to augment and upgrade their work. In short, Altair Exchange brings a new, open-source, peer-to-peer dimension to the Altair Community so customers can continue to get the most from their tools, projects, and peers.

To learn more about the ins and outs of Altair Exchange, click here to learn how to publish and edit projects, contribute to discussions, and more.

And most importantly, become an Altair Community member today to start contributing, viewing, collaborating, commenting, sharing, and more.