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Future.AI 2022: Five Key Presentations You Might’ve Missed

We’ve been busy with events recently, and this time, we’re highlighting our Future.AI virtual event, which took place on June 28-29. There, some of the world’s leading minds and biggest organizations discussed the latest in the world of artificial intelligence (AI), including what it can do now, what it’ll be doing in the coming years, and how today’s users and organizations can get the most from their AI tools and technology. 

Didn’t catch all the presentations or want to revisit the crucial ones? We’ve got you covered – below are the five presentations you need to see that’ll catch you up on the latest in all things AI.

1. “Altair Data Analytics – Driving Growth and Innovation for the Future”

The first key presentation is from Altair’s Jim Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, and Mark Do Couto, senior vice president of data analytics. Together, these two discuss how industries have changed and must now embrace data-driven decision-making or risk getting left behind. In addition, learn how Altair’s solutions help users drive data-driven insight and empower more users to leverage data to make better decisions. 

Joining them is Dell’s Keith Perry, vice president of OEM solutions, who details the launch of the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance, a game-changing turnkey solution that gives users a plug-and-play data analytics solutions tool that enables better, faster data analytics capabilities. The tool is yet another collaboration between Altair and Dell, who have shared a long and fruitful relationship delivering world-class tools and technologies.

Key takeaway: “In the world of data analytics, it’s important to see what Altair’s vision is: To transform enterprise decision-making by leveraging the convergence of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and AI.” (Mark Do Couto)

2. “Human-Centered AI for the Enterprise”

The next key presentation – delivered by the event’s keynote speaker – comes from Dr. Vishal Sikka, founder and chief executive officer, VIAN AI. In this presentation, you’ll learn how organizations can handle the complex challenge of operationalizing, managing, and scaling AI initiatives. Moreover, you’ll learn what tools and mindsets organizations need to deliver trustworthy, transparent, and accountable AI technology that reduces costs and makes operations safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. 

Key takeaway: “AI is far from replacing human judgement. We are nowhere close to that kind of autonomy. So the opportunity and endeavor in front of us is to deliver human-centered AI, AI that can help us get better.”

3. “Journey to AI”

Future.AI 2022’s third key presentation comes from Miriam Vizvary, director of data and analytics, Sky. In this presentation, you’ll learn how Sky is helping customers make better, more intelligent recommendations and campaigns through cutting-edge AI technology. You’ll also learn how to get recommendation and personalization right the first time so your customers feel seen, understood, and satisfied.

Key takeaways: “People will realize when you get it wrong – so you need to get things right the first time around.”

4. “Thrive with an AI-First Strategy – Today and Tomorrow”

The next key presentation comes from Ritu Jyoti, group vice president of worldwide AI and automation research, IDC. In her presentation, discover how organizations and leadership decision-makers are already preparing for an AI-led future, and how your organization can do the same. Also, learn how the latest innovations in AI technology, including conversational marketing, augmented reality, and multimodal AI are shaping the AI landscape of the next decade and beyond. 

Key takeaway: “In my opinion, more than half of the Fortune 500 and global 2000 companies are going to disappear if they continue to be AI laggards.”

5. “The Importance and Impact of Diversity in Technology”

Our final key presentation from this year’s Future.AI event comes from Roshni Joshi, director of customer engineering, Google. In this presentation, learn how organizations and users can ensure our AI-driven future is grounded in equity and inclusion, and how our AI tools can help us foster a better, more equitable world for all. 

Key takeaway: “Regardless of which industry you’re in, this [AI-powered] transformation journey is touching every single consumer, and it’s touching us in every moment and every decision we make during the day. Therefore, it’s imperative that the technology that supports these moments are built by everyone, for everyone.”

Don’t Miss Out – Catch All the Presentations

While these presentations will catch you up on the most vital topics discussed at this year’s event, these merely scratch the surface. Click here to see the full list of Future.AI 2022 presentations.